dying my hair for the first time in 10 years…

Just me having a mid-life crisis and dying my hair pink…
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39 Replies to “dying my hair for the first time in 10 years…”

  1. LostXpat

    I hope that we can do a video together next time you come to Asia. I loved your travel videos. I am currently in Taiwan making a travel video myself. Hope to hear from you.

  2. Priyank Goshar

    Hey Nadine, pls make a video about how did you make it here and how to become a Travel Influencer.
    Love from India♥️

  3. vclamp

    Great timing on the hair cut Matt! 😁
    Well Nadine, your hair turned out well, and tame enough that you can get used to it on your own schedule. But to be a truly random video; interpretive dance. 🤣

  4. McFaegle

    I subscribed when you read a book under a tree and got annoyed at background noises because it resonated with me. That was 10 years ago and I've loved every bit of content you've put out since. I hope you're well and will continue to do well. <3

  5. ChrisMinusHumour

    It is clear that even tho you say you haven't dyed your hair, your hair has been dyed so it looks like it has barely taken at all at the ends


    Love from karachi 😍😍
    You are probably the first vlogger in the world…
    Your first vlog came 12 years ago….😍😍😍

  7. Pexzee

    From the top of my head I could think few more random videos like impersonating internet cats, grapple, da-doo, and the one we don't talk about

  8. A Damn Chick's Adventures

    Overtone is awesome! It's really friendly toward hair! I used the exact same rose gold some time ago when I had blonde ends 😀 but yeah… Not cheap… It's sad going from USD to CAD >.<

  9. MeggiesMovies

    Omg I was shocked when this video came on my feed! So unlike your other recent videos but I love it!! Always nice to switch things up sometimes 😜

  10. Judy Phillips

    It looks really nice! Great job for your first try! I got blonde on my ends in Dec. 2018 (not as high up as yours but a good 3 inches) and ever since January, I've been dying it purple…and I'm 51! Haha! I don't care — it's hair. And I wanted it to be purple. I figured if I hated it, I could always get it cut out. Turned out I loved it and I got so many compliments! I've let it wash out now but once I get the ends cut off in a few weeks I'm going to try putting the purple in again and see if it shows up at all. If you want to be more adventurous, try Punky Color! And leave the color on a lot longer than it says — I usually keep mine in for 45 mins! (and comb it through with a fine-toothed comb!)


    Not to be to rude but my girlfriend has done this before and what she likes to do is she test it out on her hair between her legs then if she doesn't like it,it will only last a while and only I will know and if she likes it then she can do it to the hair on her head. Hope this helps. In joy

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