DAY IN MY LIFE | NYC Home Office Makeover!

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Paint (color- “flatiron”)
Decor Mentioned:
Circle Mirror-
Leaning Clothing Rack-
Faux Plant-
Mushroom Lamp-
Kitchen Rug-

Gnocchi Recipe-

34 Replies to “DAY IN MY LIFE | NYC Home Office Makeover!”

  1. Mica Artis

    I too am over watching tv and movies. Definitely not over watching YouTube or your vlogs though! Keep them coming! ☺️ Also that gnocchi dish looks bomb.

  2. Jillian Daigle

    Obsessed with your apartment!! I really love how it’s both you and Pat’s style, I’m sure it can be kind of hard to have the same apartment style as your S/O. Hoping to have something like this when my bf and I move in together!

  3. Eva Hálková

    You can go ahead and create a video on how to choose outfits from Pinterest and create them at home using what you already have 😉 Everybody seems to do it right now and I would like to see your take on this.

  4. Lauren Burchill

    I’ve watched your videos for years and it’s so exciting to grow alongside you. You inspired me to start my own fashion channel and made me want to move to nyc! I miss ny so much and am living through you until I can go back haha!

  5. Jenia Jabaji

    I keep confusing her with Summer Sheekey. They look alike and also have the same tone of voice and way of speaking lol. They even have almost the same kind of content as well as the same style. Always get confused

  6. Kayla Carney

    Love love love the decor in your apartment! It’s so stylish but very homey/comfy at the same time. Also would love to know how you made the cream sauce or what recipe you used because that looked absolutely delicious. Love all your videos and can’t wait to see more!!

  7. its Renee

    Office and you whole place looks wonderful, nice and cozy! So brave of you to wear cute cloths while painting, when I paint I wear my ugliest clothes because I´m a real hot mess and I´ll end up covered in paint all stinky and so glam! haha

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