Weird & Delicious Foods in Puebla Mexico | DIY Food Tour Travel Vlog

I hope you’re hungry because this video will likely cause major cravings for Mexican food! Today’s Mexico travel vlog takes you to Puebla City, Mexico, a region deep in culinary history. This historic colonial city is attributed to being the birthplace of one of our favorite types of Mexican food — mole poblano and has tons of regional specialties. We go on our own DIY food tour showing you the weird and delicious foods you can eat here including what to eat in Puebla Mexico and where to eat it.

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28 Replies to “Weird & Delicious Foods in Puebla Mexico | DIY Food Tour Travel Vlog”

  1. Diana Bergeron

    You guys seem so relaxed and just blend in with everyone. Love watching these videos. Interested in knowing how you planned the whole trip out knowing exactly where you wanted to go.

  2. David Gillespie

    As with all of these Mexico videos, you have made me want to go and visit Mexico. No one else has ever peaked my interest like you guys have. I cannot believe that all that food cost only $56 for the day. Keep it up guys!

  3. Kyle Pifer

    Love your videos and newstates videos they are so informative and local flare 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. I couldn’t handle all that food or any of it. But it’s great to see someone enjoying it.

  4. J J

    The culture here is a complete surprise to us in a positive way. We live an Texas and visited border town years ago that were more like tourist traps. They served food that we could get in South Texas. Your experience with traveling deep into Mexico is much different.

  5. Gary Edwards

    This definitely makes me want to visit more of Mexico than just the beaches. I love trying exotic foods. Dennis, is that a Quicksilver Messenger Service t-shirt? I loved that band.

  6. Jeri Simms

    Oh how I miss the food in Mexico!!! Thank you so much for taking us on a food tour. I also have a hard time merging back into American food after I spend time in Mexico. I don't know why you would ever want to return to the US.

  7. Ray F

    You should’ve put a disclaimer or warning at the beginning of the video that says WARNING DO NOT WATCH IF YOU ARE HUNGRY. Dang guys! You destroyed me! 😍

  8. F&T

    When did you travel through Mexico? Any corona virus issues? Everything looked delicious but hot. 🥵 lol Stay safe guys. Cheers!!!

  9. David Pearce

    This was such a fun video, really wish we could be there with you to share and experience all the sites, sounds, smells and tastes! This was almost like being there!

  10. Jodi Richmond

    Okay, who else thinks the food channel needs to hire these two? Y'all are so comfortable in front of the camera and describe the food so well I can almost taste. I love how you also tell us the history of what you are eating or where it came. MUCH APPLAUSE 👏👏👏

  11. Ellary Rose Illustrations

    I’ll be moving to Puebla by the end of the year (hopefully!) and I am so excited. I have never felt more at home in a place than I did in Puebla. But for now, I must stick to watching as many videos as possible! Great video guys! 😀

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