1301 MACK SENNETT Studios/ REPUBLIC Pictures/ MTM/ CBS STUDIOS – Jordan Travel Vlog (5/20/20)

1301 MACK SENNETT Studios/ REPUBLIC Pictures/ MTM/ CBS STUDIOS – Jordan The Lion Travel Vlog (5/20/20)




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Intro cartoon by: Jeff Block (YouTube – Cre80s)
Intro Music by – 84 Nash “Sandful Of Hand”, “Cinnamon Block” and “Megatroid In Megacity”


22 Replies to “1301 MACK SENNETT Studios/ REPUBLIC Pictures/ MTM/ CBS STUDIOS – Jordan Travel Vlog (5/20/20)”

  1. Grinny cat and Smile dog

    Oh my the memories of shows my Father used to watch. He loved all the western shows on tv starting with Gunsmoke and so on. Saturdays in our house was CBS night starting with Mary Tyler More. I loved that show. It ended with the Carol Burnett Show. All the bonding with my Dad over tv.

  2. sjbock

    Ona Munson wasn't involved with Chaplin. That was Oona O'Neill. Munson is best remembered today as Belle Watling the brothel owner in Gone with the Wind. Charlie Chaplin was married to Oona O'Neill, age 18, his fourth and last wife. Oona was the daughter of playwright Eugene O'Neill. Charlie and Oona had 8 children. Their daughter actress Geraldine Chaplin also named her daughter Oona who is an actress and appeared in Game of Thrones.

  3. kim p

    Love watching the old Mack Sennett stuff. I had forgotten that his studio eventually became Republic and MTM was there as well. Loved seeing those plaques. I think I've seen a good many of those films/series, as I started watching the old films, silent included, as a little kid. (BTW.. Carole Lombard is one of my absolute favs from old Hollywood. )

  4. Jamie Schmidt

    1:00 Carol's Second Act was unfortunately cancelled. I went to 15 of the 18 tapings on Stage 22 and the pilot which was taped in March 2019 on Stage 14 also at Radford. Prior to Carol's, Stage 22 was home of "Happy Together" (2018-19). Before that Stage 22 had season 3 of To Tell the Truth with Anthony Anderson and Season 3 of Celebrity Name Game hosted by Craig Ferguson.

  5. Steve Whitley

    Great VLog – both well researched and presented! I never would have imagined that CBS Radford had such a history. A lot of real mainstream TV was filmed out there! Quite an eye-opener! Thanks

  6. Douglas Hewett

    Hey Jordan, man you hit home with me in a way with this Vlog. All those “B” western plaques you showed from Republic meant a lot to me to see because I used to go to the Western Film Fair they used to hold in Charlotte, North Carolina and they would show a bunch of Republic’s “B” westerns there. It was great. They’d also bring in some former western stars and I’ve met Gene Evans, Pierce Lyden, Linda Sterling, Robert Horton, and others there as well. I really enjoyed this Vlog for sure. Absolutely great!

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