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We can’t wait to share this adventure with you!

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  1. TollerLuv1

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your vlogs!  Have literally binge watched my way through every last one. As a couple you are engaging and your editing/music choices are great complements to the locales you explore.  Thanks for taking us along for the ride!

  2. Naufal Hawari

    Hi Kara and Nate! I've been watching your videos since last week and I'm loving it! It's amazing that you guys upload almost everyday and the editing is just flawless, I'm wondering if you guys know the travel blogger "Mark Wiens", he is an expert in travel when it comes to Asia and his videos are just soso good too, since you guys are in Nepal, check some of his videos out! https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=mark+wiens+kathmandu

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands 🙂

  3. Dylan pickle

    Have fun hiking guys….Wow 18 days is a longtime… I'm sure you guys will have a blast.. Don't forget about us too 😓


    Kool !! Stay safe guys !! (the crazy French-Canadians) And by the way ……. we want more of u on Facebook !!

  5. Nachito sanz

    I am sure we'll all raise a glass to your success upon your return, stay safe and enjoy this unique experience!

  6. Raymond Lin

    I miss the daily Vlogs…getting withdrawal symptoms ! (hope you guys are having fun and safe and sound!)

  7. Евгений Сажнев

    You both look so positively, I hope you will someday visit Moscow. We have a lot of coffee! 😉

  8. Lee Phm

    Hey guys. I recently watching your vlogs because of the lounges. By the time if your guys reading try, im inviting you to brunei to try a few foods here and experience our culture and show you around the area. Hope you guys have a safe trip in everest.


  9. Yolanda I Montalvo

    Lol … that must have been a sight to see your underwear outside your window for the world to see. Too funny.

  10. aka.charlee

    And HERE WE GOOOOOOOO!! :0) can't wait to watch this vlog journey :0) the dedication to capture this amazing trip on your part is AWESOME!! :0) BIG HUGS FROM IDAHO

  11. lee pagnini

    I have been watching your vlogs for several months and I have just found this one: the underware probably won you the Shorty, or it will win you the next one. Not all would share this. I am so glad that you would note the humor of this and share it.

  12. Hills xxx

    Positive and sweet Vloggers couple..!! Hope U loved Nepal !! Come back someday again .. hope U knew it's very beautiful country naturally!! With da' Best Compliment from.🎃🎃🎃

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