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    Well I just set this account up today and YOUTUBE is messed the **** up. It won't let me even change the colors to my background and text. What the HECK! I mean what a great youtube this is with all these bugs 24/7. I delete a page 2 weeks back by mistake and figure I will give it another go and this crap. I feel youtube is going DOWN HILL with these stupid channel bugs!

  2. Butters

    Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player. <<— this shows up when i try to watch a video can somone help?

  3. ArIrIz

    i REALLY NEEEEDDD help!! if u look at my channel..it is fine excpt that the design is see through.. I NEED URGENT HELP soo look at my channel and reply .. HELLPP!!!

  4. Butters

    On my channel i click "edit channel" and there is only "channel info channel design and organize videos" wdf is wrong with that where's personal info ???? i use to have it there lol it this happening to everyone now?Click reply and help me PRETTYY PLZZZ —-BTW MEERRRY CHRISTMAS—-

  5. FloatzelMan

    That bar at the bottom of the screen that has the time thing and volume thing on it. It disappears when you play a vid and block the view at the bottom of the screen when you pause. It use to just stay there when you play so it's out of the way even when the vid is paused. Is there a way to change that bar? Because there are some stuff in vids I like to pause and take a closer look at at the bottom of the screen but the stupid bar is obstructing my view. I wish youtube make up their minds on it.

  6. Pamela KW

    You tube I have been here awhile like My Original Channel, much went into
    My Channel, it was My choices the way things should be, not much for fixing
    things that aren't broken. Love You-Tube, want to gwet it back, it's not the same

  7. UnbiasedVerdict

    hi, i have uploaded 3 videos.. But if i type key words of my video in search bracket then my videos are not coming in search results. I have uploaded the video then why they are are not displayed in search result. Pls help.

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