Chuikhim II A Travel Film II Travel Vlog II Cinematic Travel Film II

Chuikhim village is a new destination in the Kalimpong district of West Bengal.Chuikhim village is situated at 3,500ft. above sea level. The village spreads across the hills, a thin water stream of the leesh river flowing by the village. This village is a small mountain village of 250 families with true nature and silence.On the upper ridges of the Chuikhim village with a great view of the surrounding hills.Chuikhim village is an ideal place to enjoy nature in its pristine best. This is not a place for hopping from one sightseeing spot to another.
This is the place for a village walk, this is the place for sitting under the sun on a cold morning while sipping a cup of tea, It is a paradise for bird watchers, there are excellent opportunities for bird watching. number of Himalayan birds easily can be seen here. This is the place where you chat with the local villager in the evening and learn about their lifestyle. The village is situated on a hilly slope, the villagers are helpful and welcoming.
And Maximum villagers are christian so there is a church too and one NGO funded school for the children.
A popular adventure activity here is Yelbong trekking.Small day hikes around the village include trek to Yelbong .
Yelbong a tiny rural hilly hemlet in kalimping district with lovely villegers who are ready to welcome you and show you the hidden treasures, hidden beauty and trekking..There are so many activities like
trekking, rock climbing, cave, nature walk, village walk, hiking, bird watching, star gazing, farming,, playing guitar, singing, dancing, site scene, bon fire and many more.A 45 mint down walk will take you to the River Ramti a part of the River Ghees.
The great river canyon is there only, if you want to camping then walk a bit more to the meeting point of two river at Limbuni ,that’s a great place for Riverside camping and fishing..
There are very special attraction is the River Canyon..
River Canyoneering may be a very new term for the adventure lovers.

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