How to Become the BEST POSSIBLE Version of Yourself

During the time I’ve spent in quarantine, I’ve become obsessed with doing everything within my power to become the best version of myself possible. By applying these things to your life, you’ll see incredible changes begin to occur as you put these things into practice.

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14 Replies to “How to Become the BEST POSSIBLE Version of Yourself”

  1. Nemoi Trex

    Steph, beautifully done! You knocked me out the box on many of your points. My greatest passion encompasses music, but takes a backseat more often than I like. I will change that now!
    On the flip side, being unable to get my hoop on has given me a greater appreciation for my rollerblades. 😃 So much fun! Your content is, indeed, valuable. ❤ and respect.

  2. Lou

    How crazy is this: just as I grabbed the first serving of my 8×8 and sat down to start reading my copy of “The Key to Living the Law of Attraction”, the notification for this video popped up on my screen. Amazing. It’s like the video is the perfect introduction. Now if I can just manifest a 2-liter bladder.

  3. Raffaele Rizzo

    Great Dear, we pass terribles days in northern Italy in our a total quarantine and now that we see the light i completely agree with you. I hug you, strong and strong,,thanks

  4. NYK Fan

    Awesome tips, Steph! Working out, practicing gratitude, and getting enough sleep are what has helped me the most not only during this pandemic, but throughout life. I also quit regular drinking 4 years ago and it was one of the best decisions of my life!

  5. Jorge Andia

    Congrats on this video Steph, it has lots of good tips… wowww you are good at this, thanks for this really good content.
    P.s. good editing also, I'm surprised

  6. Erin Austin

    You are such a bright spot in my life. Love you friend!
    One thing I'm consciously working at each day is taking time to be still in the moment. Laying in the grass and watching an insect crawl over each blade, sitting on the porch and paying close attention to the way the breeze feels over my skin, or laying in the hammock and closing my eyes while listening to all the bird calls, etc. Just 5 or 10 minutes where I'm taking the time to calm my mind and ground myself in the world around me.

  7. Heyitsyoon

    I love this video! Incredible advice on certain things that I can definitely use some work on. We appreciate the time and effort you took to make this to help others especially during these difficult times 🙏

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