My New Iceland Home Tour – Off-Grid Sustainable House in the Making

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My aim since I was young to become as detached from a system that I saw as faulty. That is why I went on the journey to become detached financially and now that I have a home in Iceland, the aim is to get it off the grid and as sustainable as possible.If this can be done in Iceland, hopefully it serves as inspiration that if it can be done in such a harsh climate, it can be done almost anywhere else in the world.

This video shows the start of our journey to make our home self-sufficient, sustainable and off-grid.

Please let me know any further recommendations you might have for us to make it better! Always looking for suggestions.

PS. I also announce the winners of the Advanced Selfie Challenge at the end of this video. WOW! So many entries.

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Thai The Light:

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Lots of love to you all 🙂

Thanks for being here on my journey.


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30 Replies to “My New Iceland Home Tour – Off-Grid Sustainable House in the Making”

  1. mom2mmpt

    I know how you feel about orange. It's complementary color is blue, though, and you might be surprised what adding blue (instead of green) would do to the look of the orange. Love your new home!

  2. Schöfer Film

    One day i will go to ICELAND Sorelle and will make a short and epic travel video 🎬 ICELAND is definitely one of the impressive countries in the world 😉 filmmaking is my passion 🎥 best greetings from 🇩🇪

  3. Boss Girl Studios

    That’s what choose to look at all of this as: the world is just going through a major change and a breakthrough is coming instead of saying “the world is ending”. Lovely home 💕

  4. b house

    Saying “this doesn’t directly affect me” while standing on a platform built on “we’re all awesome humans”, having not only lived in Los Angeles but having a large American subscriber base might be the most privileged, tone deaf thing I’ve heard you say. How nice to be able to detach yourself from social injustice while others born different than you are haunted with it. Really troubling to see how incredibly silent you’ve been on a global human rights issue but cool, nice house.

  5. Charles Smith

    Sorelle, you might be in a space where Baratunde Thurston could nurish you. He was on Leo Laporte's This week in Tech (episode 773) & they had an extended talk that was posted this Monday afternoon. He has a timely Ted Talk about the dissection of the headlines that was prophetic. Count me among those looking forward to the fruits you harvest from the space you are currently germinating. The world we are transitioning into will not be recognizable, true, and we need to be mindful during this rough chrysalis!

  6. DoodleZen

    I suspect if you are planning to actually stick to total self sufficiency the vegetarism is going to have to go. Take this from someone who is a permaculture homesteader who was vegan but realised how ultimately less sustainable that way of life is than a permaculture system incorporating animals including for food. That or you need to buy in grains and beans which you can get in bulk without packaging alot of the time. The thing is though i see animals as an essential part of ecosystems and removing them from a homestead totally unsustainable as it then means you need to bring in a tonne of inputs. That being said maybe your intention is to have animals and not eat them and then buy in your grains and beans which probably is your best compromise. Your home is beautiful. Good luck.

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