1000 DAYS OF TRAVEL TOGETHER (Where to next?)

Life is better when shared. From the good, to the bad, these are the most memorable moments we have had while traveling the world together. Get started today with Storyblocks:


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30 Replies to “1000 DAYS OF TRAVEL TOGETHER (Where to next?)”

  1. TypicAsian

    Think it's the first time I have rewatched an inserted ad…let's face it, from a content creator perspective, that ad is so well put and there is a reason why this guy just keep getting sponsor after sponsor. Happy for him;)

  2. where2go

    Wow congtats 😍 traveling together means growing together. We learned that too. Wish you all the best for your upcoming journeys in the nearest futut. Love from Germany 😘

  3. Menard Antal

    Area: 9.834 million km²

    Population: 328.2 million
    our country Philippines
    Area: 300,000 km²
    Population: 109.5 million
    our population is 1/3 of USA? i think we need 1 child policy.

  4. Tanja W.

    What a great video! I have seen so many of these moments in your previous videos and this one was a perfect summary. Hope you’ll be able to travel again soon!

  5. chłopak z PRL-u

    Hi Katy and Christian, nice video! I'm from Poland.
    Today I watched your whole video on youtube of your stay in my country two years ago. Although I've lived in Poland for over 30 years, I must admit that I haven't heard so far of the places where you visited two years ago in this country… I'm sure that you would find in Poland a lot of much more attractive places to film than those where you have been and shown in your video. Best regards 🙂

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