IS SLOVENIAN FOOD GOOD? Best Food Tour Ever | Cuisine in Ljubljana Travel Vlog

Slovenian food tour in Ljubljana to taste the best cuisine Slovenia has to offer… is it good? This Ljubljananjam food tour was the… ✈ Travel full-time like us:

The answer is… Slovenian cuisine is amazing! This is the best food tour we’ve taken and highly recommend if you’re coming to Ljubljana that you take a food tour of the city! Watch our other food tour vlogs from around the world here:

The food in Slovenia is so varied, as you’ll see from this vlog, and a tour like this is the best way to tap into as many dishes as possible. The variety we had really made the day, short stops, fancy restaurants, wine, beer, snacks and ice cream!

We really werent sure what to expect from the food in Slovenia, in fact we didnt even really know what Slovenian cuisine was before this trip to Ljubljana so this tour was the best answer! Check out the tour company Ljubljana Yum here:


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42 Replies to “IS SLOVENIAN FOOD GOOD? Best Food Tour Ever | Cuisine in Ljubljana Travel Vlog”

  1. Mavrica Okusov

    Aah, Romantika… I really hoped I'd see Vigò 🙂 Next time you should definitely go to Vigò for ice cream. The flavors and consistency of the ice cream will blow you away. Best (for)ever here in Slovenia! <3
    Also, I'm really glad to find your channel! Already now what I'll watch for next few days 😀

  2. Hana Ramovš

    It is really nice seeing people discovering our country and the beauty of our country, because slovenia is really small and not known for that much…so this means a lot to us, that you like our country❤️

  3. Eviano

    I can't say no or pause my self to our (Slovenian food) either. Now I can tell my family that tourrists in our country get me, because it really is that good. ✔👍

  4. Beelzeboss From Kickapoo

    @Daneger and Stacey, nice video, but… I am Slovenian and i can tell you thet you ate very fancy food that you get in Ljubljana and other major cities. Next time your travels bring you to Slovenia go to a turist farm and there you will get food that normal "mortal" Slovenians are eating. Have fun on your travels 🙂

  5. Kali Uchis

    I've been to Slovenia 12 times already and it is one of the most beautiful countries on Earth, love the culture, the people and of course THE FOOD😍

  6. Gregor Jankovič

    Excellent video, Dane&Stacey, you really stand out in the flood of travel vlogs… Really well filmed, "scripted" and edited… Looking forward to your next videos 🙂

  7. JustTryingToBeCool

    It's so interesting watching your country being reviewed from a tourists point. I'm relly happy you enjoyed the meal, Inka looked like she was the best tour guide you guys could get and I hope you decide to come back and explore more of Slovenia (like Celje,Postojna,Maribor ext.) !

  8. Lukas M.

    The best food actually comes from the North-East part od Slovenia, some stuff you ate, was really an another version of the original comming from Murska Sobota (North-East,…), and some came from the sea-side version of the original. (squids) Ljubljana has not a lot of good OWN food. Most of it is stolen from other Villages and Towns. Its like you come to New York and they give you Pulled Pork and call it "their food", well it is American, but it sure isn´t New York food.

  9. Dean

    i am from slovenia. have traveled around the world and let me tell you slovenian food is top class. you can find really good food in restaurants in big city like ljubljana but you will find the best food in countryside. in restaurants they dont really offer traditional slovenian food. let me tell you slovenian traditional food is so damn good. and little advice if you want to try the best meat.. the best meat you will get from the farmer same goes for the wine

  10. Travellers Relish

    The food looks delicious but that fishy one Dane are you sure about it? Love how personal the tour seemed only four people how did you get that?

  11. Jesus Schizus

    Greetings to our Slovenian brothers from Poland! 😉 I got hungry watching those delicious foods and I'm definitely going to visit Your beautiful country one day! Cheers! 😉

  12. Iva Stefanovski

    i was expecting to see Slovenian food but at the end its the same food you can eat in Croatia…..

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