LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Why New Yorkers Don’t Own Cars

LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Why New Yorkers Don’t Own Cars! A NYC Tour guide about why the majority of New Yorkers do not own cars and my top ways to get around the city!

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Erik Conover is an adventure filmmaker living in New York City. Conover creates travel series featuring incredible destinations around the World, along with documenting life in New York City while he is not on the road.

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Filmed, Edited and Produced By Erik Conover LLC, NYC 2018

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46 Replies to “LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Why New Yorkers Don’t Own Cars”

  1. Kliman Khmeron

    I love how 20 year olds the child free hipsters yapping about "majority" of the population. Try to hop on the train with two strollers and stuff for the kids living in Brooklyn needing to see the grandparents in the city every week good luck. And F. everyone who says the New Yorker thinking about only Manhattan.

  2. ExtremelyDerped

    well gas prices in new york translates in swedish to 9sek a liter.. thats really low. i wish we even had such low gas prices here.

  3. sfincione2000

    I'm always amazed to see how many self-obsessed assholes have vlogs. This has nothing to do with car ownership, but everything to do with this douche self-promoting.

  4. Angelica Sol

    Actually the problem is that everyone in fact drives that’s the problem .. tile square doesn’t count because there’s tourist most the people in the attraction parts of the city are tourists

  5. Marina P.

    I'm in France… I pay my gas like it was holly water, don't test me NYC.

    I did the calculation. After crazy revendications against the gouvernement in France this past weeks, the gas cost only 5.18€/gal now, December 2018, it represent $5.90/1gal of gas. Maybe it's time to fly to NYC for some cheap gas 😂

  6. White Tea and Peonies

    One liter of gas costs about 1,12 dollars then, one liter in my hometown in Germany usually costs 1,58€ = 1,80 dollars. So that would be almost 7 dollars per gallon. So 4,25 dollars would be pretty cheap here, lol.

  7. Timothy De Lange

    I fee like he spent more time pointing out ways of getting around the city without a car than why most citizens don't use a car In NY.

  8. john z

    All are excuse. Let me tell you the truth. Because they are poor. But if you are rich enough like Trump, you don't need car. YOU NEED A HELICOPTER!!

  9. M Jacobs

    675 dollar per month just to park a car???? In South Africa, that is like R10 000. Enough for 2 car payments a month lol

  10. Anthony Rock

    Dude, real NYERS avoid Times Square like the plague, unless they work there.
    I take the subway or walk. Just get a monthly subway pass like most NYERS do.

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  12. ROBLOX Gaming

    I will give you a quicker way of why they don’t use cars in New York City because it’s a crowed island and most of the time you can get somewhere faster by walking!!!

  13. Steph Curry

    It’s actually a liability owning a car in NYC and expensive , why would you own a car living in a city with arguably the best public transportation in the world

  14. Mackenson Kulan

    Come to Toronto guys. You guys are gonna cry after you find out how much car insurance is and how much gas is. Nothing compared to New York.

  15. Stefan Cupovic

    That place looks terribely depressing. Cant imagine how even the middle class get by over there. Very sad that this is "life" for some people. And even more sad that people have a desire to "live" there.

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