EXTREME Minimalist Living With ONLY 47 Possessions!

Rob Greenfield is an extreme minimalist who is currently living and traveling with only 47 possessions! Over the past 10 years he has transformed his life by downsizing all of his stuff, getting rid of his bank account, and dedicating his work to raising awareness about important environmental issues.

In this video he shows us the simple, zero waste possessions he travels with and talks about the philosophies of non-attachment, non-materialism, and non-ownership that drive his lifestyle choices.

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If you haven’t seen it yet, we featured a video about a 10’x10′ tiny house that Rob lived in last year:

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Mat & Danielle

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Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives

Filming Credits:
Ornella Le Rouzic

With additional footage from Rob Greenfield and Exploring Alternatives

32 Replies to “EXTREME Minimalist Living With ONLY 47 Possessions!”

  1. Doyal Krishna

    Awesome video. Love Rob for the beautiful person he is and the powerful and insightful examples he provides 🙏🏻 Every single human being benefits from the work and service he’s doing. Thank you Rob and much appreciation to the videographer.

  2. Juliette Rogers

    You must travel in tempertive climates. I ask about outerwear – rain gear, cold weather gear? Oh! You are tethered to family & friends… No specifics here.
    I am a woman & I am in the process extreme purging also but will also be endeavoring to reduce any dependance on F & F..

  3. TJ Thunder

    For nearly 15 years I owned precisely 40kg (88lbs) of belongings. I could split that weight between a British army deployment bag on my back (25kg) and a chest pack on my front (15kg), and walk onto a plane or boat pretty much anywhere in the world. So I did. I actually left my hometown for a 6-month or perhaps 1-year adventure, but I somehow never went back. Ever.

    I travelled, lived and worked in umpteen countries on different continents. If I couldn’t physically carry it and/or I couldn’t get it on a plane or boat without incurring charges, I didn’t own it. In my 40Kg of stuff I had jungle gear, beach gear, mountain gear, and, much to the surprise of people, two suits—one dark, one linen—with appropriate shoes, shirts, ties and socks for each suit. My fortunes fluctuated many times over those years. Sometimes I lived on a yacht, sometimes I lived in a park.

    I don’t recommend what I did for everyone, but that life suited me for almost 15 years. Made some memories, I can tell you.

  4. geggs1

    I understand his reasoning for living like this but it’s definitely not for me. I’d rather just keep slaving away at 60 hours a week because it’s pulling in $150,000 a year and I can live like a king at weekends and in weeks off. Plus buy whatever I need for my family at the drop of a hat. Each to there own.

  5. James Trickett

    Very thought provoking Rob thank you. So you can be more present by being pulled in less directions, and more of service to others and reliant on others which builds connection that modern society can break. I have too many clothes and books and feel their weight in my life but also their usefulness so don't yet let go. You have more trust and less attachment, thank u for inspiring me

  6. Tom F

    I like this, but I’d find the items limiting, going off grid would be much more enjoyable with some sturdier clothes and shoes and being able to explore, sandals feels like you can’t do more diverse things like biking, climbing, really exploring.

  7. Cato VDK

    Yo this might seem inspiring and all, but don't get rid of your bankaccount, social security and insurance. That's just dumb, really hope he doesn't get in an accident or gets very sick because then he's screwed.

  8. It's Thyrza

    Cutting up your drivers license and social security might be a bit much, imo. (Although.. I'm not American no idea what your social security card does..) I mean, getting rid of your car, yes of course, sure, but being able to just drive a car? Seems unnecessary extreme.
    The rest is pretty cool to see!

  9. 路人己

    Kudo for throwing away credit cards. but it works for him cause he is young, healthy & has no children. he probably is not afraid of cold or stays in a warmer place cause sandals are not enough for winter & he does not seem to have really thick warm clothing. i would also like to see how he deals w/ other essential chores in life (cooking? where to go for shower/bathroom)

  10. Andrew Arenson

    I'm curious what Rob has done in terms of online accounts. Does he have photos or videos that he keeps online as keepsakes? Does he spend time on social media? Forums? Are those digital accounts/assets possessions?

  11. bckkm

    I so want to do this …then I get real. I'd have 9 cats, 20 ducks, 50 chickens, 4 peacocks, 6 guineafowl, 6 geese, 2 dogs and an 87 year old mother to drag along. Oh, and 2 parrots and the husband. 😂

  12. G. Ra

    This is cool but only when you are young. All that savings and insurance etc is not optional when you get older and have medical bills.

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