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Berlin has so many incredible top things to do, before visiting Germany we researched what to do, top attractions and best free things we could do and it was overwhelming!

Luckily for you, we’ve found some of the top things and must see places and attractions and will be tackling them in 2 different vlogs – if you plan to visit Berlin you definitely won’t have to look any further than this vlog from 2018 to figure our what to do.

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37 Replies to “TOP THINGS TO DO IN BERLIN – MUST SEE ATTRACTIONS | Germany Travel Vlog 152, 2018”

  1. Karina Y

    Your Vlog was quite nice. What's your plan of the next travel? Korea is a nice place. Wish to see you guys to have a vlog in Korea!

  2. XShipper

    Next time you have to drive up the TV tower. When the weather is good you have an amazing view all over Berlin and way more with ca. 60km far! And until 2017 it was the highest public building in Germany.

  3. Sami Salami

    As a German i really liked how respectful you dealed with our culture and how you really tried to understand and know the facts.

    This gave me a smile.

    PS: you should visit Amsterdam. Its the most beautiful City i know. 🙂

  4. Spino162

    You should have stayed on the square (4:30) a bit longer. Bebelplatz – that is where the Nazis burned the books. There is a subtle, but very meaningful memorial in the center of the square.

  5. Marc Klocker

    When in Berlin take the public bus line 100 – it takes you to nearly all places to be. Its like a sightseeing bus tour, but cheaper (and you will "miss" the often not so funny comments of the tour guide). And – very highly recommended – take one of the ship tours (like you did). This is an awesome view on Berlin also for Berliners…

  6. TheRuby47

    The streets and places are very large, everything huge.You nearly can't walk the Unter den Linden because it is so long.Th whole remains me of Hitlers Plan to build the biggest City in world:Germania

  7. Mike Miller

    Nice video, enjoying this series! Always cool to see what an "outsider" says about your own country.
    Fun fact: At 6:32 the U.S. embassy can briefly be seen, and within the roof structure of the embassy, to the right of the American flag, is a high-power surveillance station (mostly for cell phone communication), run by the NSA/CIA. There were reports and rumors about this in 2013, and they were seen as confirmed when a German newspaper did thermal/infrared imaging with a special camera, showing significant heat emanating from that structure (which couldn't have come from the sun heating up the surface because it was done on a cold, cloudy day).
    The place is ideal for surveillance, because it's the government quarter, and they successfully monitored calls of Chancellor Merkel, and presumably lots of other politicians which are around there (even from other embassies). Anyway, long story short, if you walk anywhere near the U.S. embassy and talk on your phone, it's very likely that your call is being recorded and later automatically analyzed by the NSA/CIA. Bet you won't find this in your travel guide, haha 🙂

  8. Peter Wodrich

    There are no offices at all in the TV tower, Now there is a Café that is spinning slowly around and an observation deck.

  9. scfog90

    The holocaust memorial looks to me like an huge area where you think you can hide, but from every angle you`re seen and you`re always turning around to see if someone is following.
    Gives an immagination of the helplessness of looking for a place to hide during the holocaust.
    Underground there`s also a museum with audioguide.
    You made some really nice videos about Berlin 🙂

  10. Teneal Simpson

    Hands down the best Berlin travel video I've watched. I really appreciate the time you took to go in-depth about the historical monuments of the city. I'm travelling to Berlin from Australia in September and this has really helped me get a much better idea of what to expect. You've won me over, I'm going to post this and click on that subscribe button right away!

  11. MizeeKazee

    Of cause you can visited the "Fernsehturm" ..did you really miss it..there is a good restaurant at the top.. and in incredable view all over specially at night!! Very sad you missed it!

  12. Jarett Louie

    Checkpoint charlie was such a waste of time, I walked by it and kept on walking, it was such a bastardized rendition. Memorial of the murdered Jews was sombre, the SS Museum/ Headquarters was really eerie being in the presence of such evil and reading up on it, gave me chills down my spine.

  13. so dh

    The turn is actually a restaurant.. You can go up but you need to buy a ticket.. Which is a little hard because are very much people

  14. Thytos

    Nope. You can actually go on top of the TV tower for a very touristy price of 18€ per person on a weekday (on weekends it's even more expensive)

  15. Phoebe El

    I love being from Berlin. It is still my favourite city, the people, the history, the parks, the cafés and the amazing range of cuisine. I would never want to live anywhere else 🙂

  16. Francis R.

    Uuhhmm… No, the TV Tower is not an office Building… Of Course you can go up, there even is a public restaurant up there…

  17. victorchristi

    Yeah I saw some people taking wedding photos when I was at Museum Island too, I guess it must be a Berlin thing.

  18. Patrick Bateman

    11:00 Fun fact. This sign is the only authentic thing from the actual Checkpoint Charly, while the rest was only put there for tourist to take pictures with.

  19. Der Nordseegermane

    The holocaust memorial is a Denkmal der Schande to celebrate the Schuldkult. There are many of these places in Berlin.

  20. Psychphuq

    Ich liebe Berlin…
    I've been there 4 times and each time seen something different… 🙂

    Interesting fact about the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe: All the columns are the same size – just with varying height of protrusion…

    4:32 When you were at the "amazing square", were you aware it housed "Denkmal zur Bücherverbrennung am 10. Mai 1933 (Memorial to May 10, 1933 Nazi Book Burning)"…?
    7:57 A very nice Bavarian beer indeed… The Dunkel (dark) is even better… 🙂

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