PACK WITH ME: prepping for a trip vlog | Ft. Hair treat

As you may know, Im going on a trip this summer! (by the time you watch the video i may not actually already be there but Insha Allah will be ) And so today , I wanted to show you guys how obsessed I am with my hair like you know life is too short to have boring hair. Furthermore, i pack my suitcase and i use to make sure that i had everything and not end up overpacking! I hope you guys enjoy this video and that it helps you guys to pack for your fun destination and will motivate you to travel to your mind of place. if you want to discuss do share with me.
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24 Replies to “PACK WITH ME: prepping for a trip vlog | Ft. Hair treat”

  1. Eisha Shabbir

    Baalon ka pta ni but I was thinking k u r damn lucky mannn😫😂 waiting for coming vlogs.. Stay safe..♥

  2. Hammad Altaf

    Waah Bhai . Nice videos dude . Have a safe journey . I guess we all can see you progressing . Just be confident 😉 😉

  3. Hammad Altaf

    Jahaan Tak baalon ki baat hai 😂😂😂 you know k meray Baal kesay hotay Hain aur kistarah ki cutting hoti hai Meri due to my college 😂😂 so as compare to that ….. Bhai teray baaal abhi bhi bhttttttttt baray Hain 😂😂😂😂

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