TEACHER TRAVEL VLOG! (Seeing my Teacher Friends in Cleveland) | Elementary Teacher Summer Vlog

Hi sweet friends! In today’s vlog, I’m en route to Cleveland, Ohio to visit my sweet teacher friends, Chelsea and Morgan. In today’s vlog, I share my experience driving from West Michigan down to Ohio (about a 5 hour drive) as well as all the fun things I got to do while visiting with my teacher friends! I met Chelsea and Morgan on Instagram and they came to visit me last summer. If you’d like to watch my vlog from when I met these lovely ladies last year, here’s a link:

○ Chelsea (@Teaching in Pearls):
○ Morgan (@TheBeachClassroom):
○ The Beach Classroom Store:
○ Austin (@totally_elementary):
○ Mr. Kyle Cohen (@mr.kylecohen) :
○ Cat (@MySoCalledTeacherLife):

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39 Replies to “TEACHER TRAVEL VLOG! (Seeing my Teacher Friends in Cleveland) | Elementary Teacher Summer Vlog”

  1. Elizabeth Tyson

    I love my Happy Planner, once I used it I never want to go back! I love being able to take out and put pages back in, it also makes it so much easier to write in. You’re always so happy and positive, I love it!!

  2. Gina M

    I agree about the need for more male elementary teachers. My husband and I both teach upper elementary and most years he's the first male teacher kids have ever had.

  3. Bekahplays

    Cleveland!! I live an hour away from there! I hope you enjoyed the city! If you ever find your way in Ohio again you should totally check out Polaris Fashion Place in Columbus, and the Columbus/Cleveland Zoo they are so cool to go to.

  4. Kira Turner

    So fun!! Loved watching you guys have such a good weekend! And OMG so glad you got a happy planner! I’m obsessed with the disc bound system. Definitely let me know how you like it as you use it. ❤️❤️

  5. Elizabeth Distefano

    My sweet friend, you need a coffee cozy for your Starbs. I have no affiliation other than the true love of the products. They are all hand made. Google Love Mich Collection. You won’t regret it. She is on all social media platforms too. Be warned, they are addictive. ❤️

  6. Jaime Harris

    Be sure to get metal rings as opposed to the plastic the happy planners usually come with. I’ve had them break on me. I love the happy planner. I think you’ll be “happy” with it. 😂 ❤️ I love your channel. Thanks for being a light yourself.

  7. Swiftie

    Kim! I am tiny as well and have the same problems with getting close to the pedals, just please be careful not to get TOO close to steering wheel, it can be dangerous if god forbid you get in an accident! Just some safety advice!

  8. Susan Clarke

    I love your sweet personality Kim! I think this is my first comment, but I watch all your vlogs! I am also moving to 5th grade this year so I am excited to keep learning from you! I'm moving from being the 6th through 8th math teacher so your book selections are particularly of interest to me. Also, I LOVE the happy planners, especially the add on pages for taking notes and planning my week. It is the only planner I have had that lasted the whole year and really could be refilled and used again! I always wondered how you get so much done – the 'Kim doesn't sleep' reveal explains a lot!

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