LARGEST IN EUROPE! Krakow Old Town Square and City Centre | Poland Travel Vlog 2018

Krakow Old Town Square is ridiculous! Poland is home to this huge square and city centre with gruesome myths surrounding…⬇ Click ‘Show More’ ⬇

The Old Town Square in Krakow is a UNESCO Heritage site and the largest town square in Europe – the scale of this place is insane. Before arriving in Poland we were told just how large and busy the centre is to travel to prepare us for this video and coming blog.

If you are planning a trip to Krakow you most definitely have to visit the square, explore the old town and see what it’s all about! It’s a great spot to sit down with a drink and watch the world go by… which pretty much sums up what we did in this vlog!

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24 Replies to “LARGEST IN EUROPE! Krakow Old Town Square and City Centre | Poland Travel Vlog 2018”

  1. Jakub Wojtarowicz

    Blessed to see you were there! I'm from Tarnów, a town located about 45mins away from Kraków 😀 Tarnów also has a lovely Main Square, called 'The Pearl of Polish Renessaince' but, of course, it's much smaller than Kraków's Main Square. Bochnia Salt Mine is also worth to visit! Besides that, in Poland there's a lot of magnific towns 😀 Have a lovely day to you all! 😀

  2. Garion Bracken

    Might be if you were in the old town unregistered taxis can't enter. So uber or taxify will cancel, mytaxi is a good alternative for getting picked up from old town!

  3. Kierowca

    I am very happy that you liked my country, I am glad that an intelligent couple decided to come to Poland and see how it is really here. Thank you very much for wonderful video about my country and I wish you all the best my friends.

  4. szpilvv_

    Oh my town, my home <3 I would recommend a beautiful lake in "Zakrzówek", it's worth to see 😉 Generally i recommend southern and western parts of the city 😀

  5. Krzysztof Cetera

    If you want to visit some cool Polish cities and places let me recommend you:
    1. Sandomierz
    2. Zakopane – not the town itself but mountains around it (you have to taste "oscypek" :-D)
    3. Poznań
    4. Gdańsk
    5. Wrocław
    6. Lwów (Polish city in Ukraine)
    And of course so much more
    Best Polish meals that I recommend:
    1. Pierogi (especially "ruskie")
    2. Gołąbki – Polish sushi
    3. Żurek
    4. Knedle with plum
    5. Placki ziemniaczane (potato crumpet?)
    6. Many pastries – especially with fruits.

    I hope you'll come back (If u left by now) 😀

  6. Lukas Wicher

    3;80 is one way or 40min with transition ticket (you can change as many trams and buses during those 40min since validating). For 3 stops you really overpaid, as there is a 20min ticket for 2;80 that will allow you to make a trip from Plac bohaterów Getta (square of the ghetto heroes) to Dietla, where you took of. (You walked one tram stop actually to enjoy the view i guess, as lines 24 or 13 would drive you directly to Poczta Główna tram stop). About buying tickets inside the tram, you have to have coins on you to use automate with tickets, or you can scan qr code with your chosen ticket if you got app on your smartphone.

    This park around old town is called Planty. In late XVIII century (or was it early XIX?) local nobility (and citizens) issued a work of dismantling old city fortifications, leaving only small portion of it. The whole moat that was surrounding old walls was burred and turned into city park, so you were basically standing in the middle of old moat (or on a bridge that crossed it).

    1;50 is a reasonable price for that Krakowian pretzel.

    The booths 3:03 were on Small market (Mały rynek), that is right next to Main square. You have happened upon one of the festivals/fairs that take place there. I think you have been during Hungarian days, from the looks of it.

    Those building are actually smaller then they used to be. The current street level is… higher then it use to be, so basically what you see as ground floor now would be first floor above ground in middle ages.

    Basylica Mariacka (St's Mary Basilica) do not stand on Main square but on Plac Mariacki (Mariacki plaza).

    This old clock (at 6:45) on Main square is actually a Town hall tower, were city council were residing in earlier ages. It is a museum now.

    At 7:23 you are walking on Mariacki plaza, with Basilica on the left. In front of you is St's Barbaba church, belonging to Jesuits order.

    In Sukiennice (Cloth house), this huge building in the middle on the Main square, on the side with Adam Mickiewicz statue, is an entrance to Rynek Underground museum. It was opened after archaeological excavation on (or in) Main Square. So I'm sorry, but you have missed quite a bit of an exhibition, that shows how Kraków has risen it's street level thru the ages.

    Best wishes from Cracow. And thank You for visiting.

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