*AMAZING 360 FOOTAGE!* First time to Dotombori & Shinsekai (Osaka) – Travel Vlog: Episode 1

Our 7 day journey kicks off in Dotombori – with convenience store fried chicken and sake of course! What better way to start our vacation?

For the next two days, we’ll explore Osaka and get into all kinds of Shenanigans! Thanks for stopping by!

▶︎ The is 360 footage peppered throughout this video. Here are my three favorite montages if thats all you came to see. Thanks for stopping by!!

Wondering around Shinsekai



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▶︎ I Tried some new gear for this trip:

SONY RX100 vii

*sorry there is a lot of shaky footage in here – The sony is so light! I had trouble getting used to it compared to the big canons I usually shoot with. Its an amazing camera though (in the right hands lol)

Insta 360 One X

*I take the Insta360 out for a spin and see if it is a worthy vlogging camera. Personally I think it really helped to capture our japan travels and create some dramatic shots!

▶︎ Heres where I get my music and sfx. Trust me it’s worth the money!

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6 Replies to “*AMAZING 360 FOOTAGE!* First time to Dotombori & Shinsekai (Osaka) – Travel Vlog: Episode 1”

  1. Aimlessly Drifting

    Dannnng We miss Japan so much! Especially Osaka! One of our all time favorite city in Japan. Cant wait to go back thank you for taking us along your day! It was fun watching! We just joined your YouTube family, hope you can return the support!

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