My Productive Morning Routine 2020

The road to success begins with a solid morning routine. This is how I start my day.

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37 Replies to “My Productive Morning Routine 2020”

  1. PoL Lee

    Good day from Thailand 🇹🇭😊. It's 11:44 am. Tomorrow is my birthday. I'm going to order Domino Pizza to reward myself because the pizza is pretty pricey in Thailand compare to other meals. Please don't blame me for talking about myself , you have already shared yours and I do mine. Tomorrow is the first of July.

  2. Apologia5

    "allow myself to fall into alignment with source energy?" "Visualizing large sums of money in my bank account….makes it more effective to come true." I think you may have lost some folks including myself with the "new age" plug and promotion in these videos lately. Of course you are free to do and share what you like. Although my guess is that most people subscribed because of your sweet travel content, not to see personal, controversial and wonky things being promoted and talked about. Was nice following you while it lasted….peace.

  3. Sixth Wave

    Great morning rituals 👍🏻
    Also the night time ritual is important by writing down things that we achieved during the day + writing 3 or 4 things we need them to be done the next day which let us the next morning in a good productive mood and happier🙂

  4. Raymond Chow

    Routines helps balance the craziness and the uncertainties we live in right now. All of your routines help you center your day. One thing I do before that morning cup of joe, which I love as well…I have a glass of water. The air is dry here in SLC and my body needs water to rehydrate after the 6-7 hours of sleep. (Wish I can sleep more) Then off to my morning run, especially now during the summer.
    Have a great 4th of July!

  5. Joshua Bruce Mellis

    This is great, could I please have a Smoothie? Looks good. Fortunately I have been able to get up and have a coffee on my balcony while watching Kangaroos on the land lately – used to shift work with rotating rosters at Melbourne Airport.

  6. Shigeru

    You seem to have a productive morning routine to create a perfect day with your nice budy🐈. It must be quite important to make your life wonderful. I wish you will be continuously healty both phisicaly and mentaly until you get free from the worst influence of COVID-19.

  7. Erin Austin

    One thing I make sure to do before I start my day is take a tour of the garden. Checking out how much has changed in one day is both inspiring and grounding. Nature is powerful!

  8. Ferocious Ferret

    I only work 4 days a week. Graveyard shift. So i have no real routine. Sleep & eat whenever. Used to be fit when i was in the air force. Now i just play computer games on my days off.

  9. Michael Sylvester

    Hi Steph,
    I so like your morning routine I’ll be honest with you it’s very helpful in so many ways .
    I agree with not going straight to social media as soon you wake up .
    I do me first.
    I also think about how I can make this day a better day.
    Thanks have a beautiful day.

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