Sustainable Dream: Buying a Self-Sufficient Farm in Iceland

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Well if your dream is to live off your land fully, be completely self-sufficient and sustainable, ya might as well buy a farm right?

We came across Heydalur ( in the Westfjords of Iceland during our camper van trip around Iceland in May 2020. Blown away by the perfection of the space.

The energy in the converted sheep shed which now is home to apple, cherry, grape trees is incredibly special.

Such a simple set up done, with constant running geothermal water being fed into the pool within the greenhouse. The water is readily available from the depths of the the Earth in Iceland – basically it’s volcano heated water since Iceland is one giant volcano. Amazing right?

But there is little maintenance done on this farm (#FarmLife) and a huge amount of food is produced every year. It’s heaven on Earth.

And so funny enough when we ran into Heydalur, we had already been thinking of getting a farm (or at least land) to grow an abundance of food. But we really didn’t know something like this would be possible. I mean…exotic fruit in Iceland?! YES!

Shortly after our Westfjords trip we found ourselves again in the North of Iceland on a farmland that we were ready to convert into a garden of Eden.

And so…how did our new dream unfold?

Watch to find out.

#SustainableFarm #SelfSufficientLiving

I hope you enjoy the video.

Lots of love to you all 🙂

Thanks for being here on my journey.


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42 Replies to “Sustainable Dream: Buying a Self-Sufficient Farm in Iceland”

  1. Hyldeguard Lee

    I have always loved nature and being with it and living in a place like this is my lifetime dream. I grew up in a concrete jungle and everyone told me it’s impossible for me to live like this or chase after my passion, which is art, but you gave me so much inspiration, and you made me have a clearer idea of what I want in life. I just say thank you Sorelle, you’re an amazing human being and you’re such an inspiration to so many of us. I wish you all the best with your farm and your life in general!!!!

  2. Anita Hvambsahl

    I am so excited about this! And literally got goosebumps when Leon said that humans are almost not humans anymore, only a shadow of what we're supposed to be. I've felt that for so long, especially since my gut issues began and I've had to change my whole lifestyle around. What on earth are we doing to ourselves and the world? I wish you both so much luck, Sorelle, and I can't wait to follow you on this journey. <3

  3. StrubbelKnopf

    This is great, producing the food you need by yourself and don’t harm the nature. More people need to think like this, otherwise we don’t have to much time left on this beautiful planet. Well maybe in Iceland but not everywhere. I’m from Germany and in my village there is a project we are part of, where we grow vegetables on a little farm with some other people completely environmentally friendly and so we can supply the best quality vegetables to more than 200 families here in our region, which is amazing. Good luck and success for your future plans.

  4. Любовь Толстова

    Thank you for this beautiful video! I know in Iceland there's a little organic farm next to a rehabilitation clinic in Hveragerði on which I've been volunteering few years ago (through Worldwide friends organisation). They have a few big greenhouses heated by geothermal energy where they grow cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and lots of other veggies they serve later in a restaurant in that rehabilitation center. It's a really nice place, also just next to the Reykjadalur where you can easily take a walk from there 😊

    So nice to see your connection to nature is growing and learn from your example. I wish one day I'll also have a big garden in a beautiful place where I could start a family and work on my creative projects 💙
    All the best of luck to you for achieving this new dreams. Sharing this experience definitely contributes to change in the world 🌿😊🌏

  5. Ellen - Moonlit Stories

    I started gardening in my backyard during Covid and I'm constantly amazed by how well everything is growing! There are a thousand things I will do differently next year but so far it just makes me soooooo happy 🙂

  6. Kittnwars

    I know you want to reduce your time online. Maybe even leave it. But I really hope you keep us updated from time to time. Your journey is such an inspiration!

  7. Stefan J

    if you want to be able to grow your food all year around you will need lots of light in the dark winter months in Iceland. So you should look into the possibility to have a small wind turbine to lower the electricity bill.

  8. Lizziebeann

    This is incredible! This is also a dream of mine, you two are so lucky to have each other! How did you meet? Are there any groups to join with like minded people? 🧡

  9. Holly Seems okay

    I love this I want this!! THIS is the dream we should be taught, not have to learn through getting sick from shitty foods!! Thank you for making this in such a presentable way so I can share it with my friends and them to be receptive over usually calling it “hippie crap”!!!

  10. Hannindrome

    So when you find the farm, will you no longer live in your house? Or will you be employing people to run the farm? Can you not build farm buildings around your house? (Me commenting with absolutely no idea about the land, whose it is, etc etc 😄)

  11. Pupuri Pu

    I just startet pursuing my own dream. Since I was a chid I have always been fond to farming and wanted to have a farm. My family talked against it and I wasn't mature enough to do it anyway. Now, I am 25, I still have the voice in my heart telling me to do it. So finish my bachelors till October and start a farmers year on permaculture Farms in Europe. After that I will start an education in that field. Seeing your videos and the fact that we simultaneously developed the same interests makes so incredibly happy! Go on and feel nature, feel the elements on ur skin and one day when the journey is over, you know you lived!

  12. Cat Head

    You may not have to move at all! Look up vertical farming, aeroponics, aquaponics.
    You could have a lovely and sustainable indoor farm in the comfort of your own abode. Many people with small spaces do it, and if your home will stay heated during the winter it could work year long just from the heat of indoors.

  13. Maria Andrea

    I have been working for food sovereignity for a while now, with organizations like @negra.tierra and @luzcoverde on IG, Ideas para la tierra and I have a few collaborators on holistic design for a permaculture space, @karimenemer also on IG is a holistic health coach, and best friends with the holistic permaculture designer, Pau. My IG is @mariandrearaujo if I can help you further.

  14. Muad' Dib

    Iceland is one of the most beautiful and magical places I have ever been to. Very windy and cold, tho’ (I was one year In Keflavik in the early 80s). This is incredible!

  15. Ravenous youth

    after seeing all your content about "work less do more" I am interested to see how you will handle a farm .have you ever worked on one ? or had a garden ?
    As someone who grew up working orchards and working on farms it is always interesting to see hipsters talk about wanting a farm . Doubly so when they want it to be 'traditional' old school farm . Its insane amounts of labor .
    You will need to order in 'packaged food' / plants to run a farm ….
    %80percent of your food in a year ?! Good luck good luck good luck lol

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