1324 DWARF CAR MUSEUM Maricopa Arizona – Jordan The Lion Travel Vlog (6/29/20)

1324 DWARF CAR MUSEUM – Jordan The Lion Travel Vlog (6/29/20)




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Intro cartoon by: Jeff Block (YouTube – Cre80s)
Intro Music by – 84 Nash “Sandful Of Hand”, “Cinnamon Block” and “Megatroid In Megacity”


42 Replies to “1324 DWARF CAR MUSEUM Maricopa Arizona – Jordan The Lion Travel Vlog (6/29/20)”

  1. Laura Gee

    @DazewithJordantheLion I swear you make me smile everyday. That was just incredible. Your grasp of what to ask as you interview people, and the detail that you do.. showing so much of what you vlog is insane. It's hard to even express in words. Those cars are amazing. Would be so fun to drive one! Ernie is such a neat guy, and so talented. The cars were so beautiful it's hard for me to say what my favorite one was…. and oh my gosh the little kitchen from his Mom's house. I mean c'mon! that was so great! you make this girl's heart smile everyday. thank you for what you do, thank you for bringing so much joy to so many people. 💘🙂

  2. Marsha Sullivan

    Amazing ! Grew up with a Buick and Rambler, unusual in Sydney Australia ! My Dad would of loved this museum. Received your postcard yesterday Jordan, Thank you so much, really appreciated it. Love to Jah !

  3. Carole Roseburgh

    Wow ‼️ Jordan this is totally awesome ‼️ l fell in love with the sweet little Sheila car. I WISH I were A Rich woman right now. I'd try to get him to make me A dwarf car. Awesome ‼️ have a great day ‼️😃 🖐️👍 😃.

  4. Kevin Snyder

    Thanks for posting this video Jordan !! These cars are amazingly built !!! If I was even close to this place, I would go.! Every one of these being handbuilt, and to scale – incredible !!! Thanks for the ride !

  5. Jacob Lenhoff

    Those cars are awesome Ernie is very talented. Hard to believe he had visits from Jay Leno and the guy from "Everybody Loves Raymond". Those cars are fantastic the Pretty Woman car was cool, and so was the purple car with White lines and boat attached to it at 17:25 into this
    video. I also loved the blue car Shelia that he named after his wife. I love blue it's my favorite color. I am a blue hound Jordan. That Brown car the first dwarf car looks like first it looks like it has wear and tear on it and to see that picture of it in a race from the early 80's awesome. Great video Jordan!

  6. Jacob Lenhoff

    My grandpa died a few years ago but here in Hamilton, OHIO .My Grandpa would always enroll his mustang convertible, in the antique car show in Downtown Hamilton, it was a 1988 model

  7. Jacob Lenhoff

    I film videos at ROCKIN RICK'S CAR SHOW on the west side of Hamilton you Google ROCKIN RICK'S CAR SHOW- JACOB LENHOFF TOURS HAMILTON, OHIO and check my videos lots of beautiful cars just like Ernie's. I actually met people who went to an American Graffiti car show and met some of the stars of that movie. And at the Holiday Drive In Theater they actually had a screening of "American Graffiti" recently and people from the car show took their cars up to the screening and showed them off!

  8. Sue Chun

    When you went to The Ford Museum tha tis blood on that chair from DC they werew going to through it out and the Fords found out and purchased it from them. They used to have her sitting in her seat with a recording as you boarded the bus…Washingtons chest from the crown was also with him with beautiful items in there…you need to go bach and take your time in that museum…I thought it was the best I ever saw. I saw it in 2002.

  9. Rob Rage

    Tooo funny seeing you sit in the dwarf car..like stuffing a size 12 foot in a size 8 shoe…Amazing talent …They hand built cars in the early 20th century..The Duesenburg is my favorite. He must be in his late 80's or early 90's and still gettin'er done.

  10. Marylou Tew

    Wow! That gentleman is an artist, it's truly amazing to see all of his work! And his shop is immaculate, I think more organized than my home! Thank you for this cool video!

  11. Jake

    One of the coolest vlogs yet, and Elvis records displayed too. You topped yourself with this one, Jordan. Thank you for the video of this amazing place in Arizona.

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