LEARNING TO LIVE IN VIETNAM | Travel Vlog 063, 2017 | Hoi An Digital Nomad

Adjusting to our new life after our move to Vietnam as digital nomads. There’s a lot to learn in this travel vlog, figuring out local markets, avoiding common scams, how to live like Hoi An locals and settling in to our digital nomad routine in a new country.

Based in Hoi An, August 2017, we decided to extend our Vietnam trip and share how to live in Vietnam, rather than just visit. Stay tuned for more and subscribe 🙂

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40 Replies to “LEARNING TO LIVE IN VIETNAM | Travel Vlog 063, 2017 | Hoi An Digital Nomad”

  1. Charles Moore

    I don't think I would like having to constantly be careful to make sure I'm not being taken advantage of with change, etc.

  2. Made In Aotearoa NZ

    Hope Stace is feeling better! 💖Gotta love those 'ahhh moments' when life is like a joyous sonnet of thanksgiving aye!

    Glad you called the Bahn Mi lady out 😂 you're right, unless you say something it will keep happening.

    Keep it local! 😂

  3. BF

    How did you manage to get your drone into Vietnam? I heard they confiscate a lot of them at the airport. Can you get a permit before arriving?

  4. Larry Fournillier

    Dane, hopefully, Stacey's feeling better by the time you read this. Great vlog, guys and I did enjoy listening to almost getting ripped-off story. Awesome drone footage! 🙂

  5. Solmadrid Vazquez

    Those rice paddies look like bliss. And enjoying a sunset with random ducklings, haha, amazing type of experience.

  6. Norm P

    Great vid again. 

    I have to add my advice on handling money in Asia. First ask yourself if you would go back if they gave you 20000 too much?
    My experience is that you will rarely get deliberately short changed. They are already charging you a "tourist price".
    In Chiang Mai I have seen a waitress go looking down a street for a customer that forgot their change. I have been chased across a parking lot by the attendant because I didn't wait for my 10thb change. I have seen a tourist drop a few hundred thousand dong on the street in Hoian and not notice until a local picked it up and chased after him.
    In a "missunderstanding" with a fruit vendor in Danang, I noticed many locals starting to watch what was going on. They were NOT going to be there to cheer me on.  Realizing the heap of trouble I was about to be in, I paid the price and left the area quickly.
    Always remember in Asia, saving face is everything, Making a fuss over a dollar you think they scammed you of can get you in serious trouble. You insult ONE, he loses face. If he loses face, they ALL lose face. Now you have a whole street full of locals that are really pissed at you. Decide how much your safety is worth….

  7. jstfd

    Chill day! You guys' videos keep getting better! Kinda wish to see Stacey more in the vlogs, or does she prefer to be the one behind the lens and editing?

  8. DearJRenae

    I love it. How is the internet in Vietnam so far?Have you had any issues?Also,did you guys get sim cards for cellphones & if so, where?

  9. apple123butter

    I suppose migraine could have been sun exposure, overheating, dehydration, etc. but also google if you are not yet aware "tyramine," a natural chemical produced in decay so can run high in aged foods, ya know, all the delicious stuff. In western world you'll find that in cheeses and smoked meats, for example. In Asian you'll find that in all the fermenting so you might have to moderate intake. Even beer (bottled tends to have less than tap, for example).

    Sulfites can also trigger so that includes malt which is in everything from beer to bread.

    Just googled. Here's a pretty good listing https://migraine.com/blog/elimination-diet-foods-to-eat-foods-to-avoid/

    By avoid sometimes it's just moderate depending on your chemistry.

    Anyway, nice vid. Good info.

  10. Les Miserables

    Lots of little scams that you should watch out for when you are in 'Nam, don't let those spoil your trip. Good luck !

  11. Young Tang

    You guys should try to help harvest the rice sometimes.

    $.85 USD for a mango? Sorry, she ripped you off alright. It should be less than $.30 USD.

  12. Bruce Nolan

    I thought Hoi An was so touristy and crowded and then you show me the local mkt and the rice fields and the whole vibe changes, I would have passed it up but now I'm looking forward to a scooter ride in the countryside. Thanks. Are the people friendly or pissed off, I would understand if they were.

  13. aaron costello

    hi.. i keep revisiting alot of your volgs… such great stuff…. your both so positive and upbeat… 🙂

  14. Sinikka Li

    Thank you so much for all your amazing vlogs! I wanted to ask if you've ever gotten into trouble with your drone? I've heard that you need to register it or you get fines or they take it away from you (even at the airport when you try to get into the country) 😀 Or do you just fly it carefully when nobody is around? x Sinikka

  15. mas360

    Your drone shot is awesome. Do you have an operator to run the drone or is it programmed to follow you?

    When you went in the market and left the scooter out there out of your sight….was there any chance it might walk away on its own? I noticed you did not take the helmet with you while walking in the market. Did you leave it on the scooter?

  16. Joe Blow

    I love Thailand, and I think you get taken advantage of there sometimes too, but I feel like Vietnamese people genuinely dislike Westerners, and particularly Americans. I'd rather not go someplace the people feel good about ripping me off 🙁 Did you guys find the constant hustle of places like Vietnam or Indonesia to be tiring..?

  17. A Nealson

    20K VND = 1 mango. The price was right. She did not scam you.
    In Vietnam, if you go shop at local market, go there before 10 AM.

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