Getting a Haircut in Kerala… | India Travel Vlog 🇮🇳

Well well well, I am back again with another video. Since everyone loves my dad, I thought it would be cool to post this video of him getting a haircut in Kerala. This video was filmed in early March, before the lockdown restrictions.

Since we’ve been here, many mallus call my dad’a hairstyle “the saayip haircut”. Yes we know the proper way to say foreigner is “vidheshi” but this is the name our mallu family gave 😂 Enjoy the video!

Americans Try Taco Bell in INDIA 🇮🇳 | India Travel Vlog:

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  1. Jean GT

    Sayyip/Wellakaran – White man
    Madhamma / Wellakari – White woman.

    Typically Sayyip is referred to a Caucasian or White Male from the US in general and Wellakaran is referred to a Caucasian or White male of British or other European origin.

    Similarly the words Madhamma (in Malayalam we took Madam and added our flavor) Wellakari/ Vellakari in referring a female or a woman.

    Then again all these words can be used to describe any Caucasian or White man or woman depending on the word being used to describe a masculine or a feminine irrespective of their nationality.

    Technically it’s like calling us People of Colour/Color or Indian in a good and respectful manner. Just like how some do refer to Hispanics or Latinos and are interchangeably used.

    The Irony is we don’t care whether a person is from the US or Europe or even Latin/South America as long as their complexion is white you can hear people saying Wellakaran/Vellakaran/Sayyip or even Vellimban they all mean the same White and is not at all offensive.

    Hope you guys are enjoying our motherland. We love you here and it’s good to see you guys sharing your experiences and testimonies.

    Stay safe
    Take care

    God bless.

  2. adiaedel

    It's refreshing to see a teenager interested in things other than makeup like those zillions of teenage vloggers. 👍Also, your family is super cool.. 😊

  3. T'chang Pura

    The thing i still can't understand is your dad having a haircut.. where i being from northeast had a struggle explaining them how i want my hair to look like for years.. being an indian 😂😂😂

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