4K VIDEO BEACH WALK [ Floripa ] BRAZIL SLOW TV Travel vlog

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BEACH vlog featuring different beaches around the world!! Today NICE in France, part of the French Riviera.

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4K VIDEO BEACH WALK [ Floripa ] BRAZIL SLOW TV Travel vlog

Beautiful beach 4k for relaxation and fun if you travel to Santa Catarina SC in Brazil / Brasil on vacation. Joaquina is a beautiful beach, popular among surfers. Visit this beach, the bars, surf and watch the people! IdeaThe sea is fantastic you can enjoy the waves, the sand and the sun, and the sea sounds. Ideal for beach walking. Hike on its golden sand! Sailing, boating, and watching some beautiful girls in bikini getting their tan, are some of your options for your beach life. Watch this beach vlog with 4k hdr definition and relax!

Beachtuber, with its travel vlog, is a documentary travel channel!

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  1. City Walks

    🍎 Incredibly beautiful beach. Would’ve loved to have seen a much longer version without the cuts but this was wonderful. I am curious why the lifeguard was waving people in as well. Thanks. – H

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