I Stayed In OLD vs NEW Airstreams – Which Is Better?

Welcome back to Episode 3 of the Might Mo Airstream Tiny Home Renovation Project! For Episodes 1 & 2:
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In todays episode I am exploring what it is REALLY like to stay and live in an airstream trailer, and the differences in buying a new airstream vs buying an old one to renovate.

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26 Replies to “I Stayed In OLD vs NEW Airstreams – Which Is Better?”

  1. Michelle Hobbs

    The bed in the first one is only a double, not a queen. Having the double burners in the reno'd one is much smarter than 4 burners. Who needs 4 burners in travel trailer?? But I didn't like how large the seating area was in that one, but I guess itwould be good if you needed to convert to a bed. Otherwise it's a waste of space. I think Kate and Joey were smart in just having a bed with storage instead of a bed and a dining/bed conversion area.

  2. Jenny Hammond

    As you said, DYI is more rewarding. It will also feel more like home when you can pick out the finishes. You also may think of a better lay-out than what comes standard. I'm sooooo excited to see the end result.

  3. livnlf2thefulst

    It was smaller than you would like, only 19 feet, you said that at the beginning, so why would you complain about it being small? It was parked in a shaded area, so of course it was dim. The renovated airstream seemed bigger because they removed all the storage. If you don’t need a lot of storage then that’s great. It’s a good thing that you are renovating and got a larger size.

  4. Kaitlyn O'Brien

    I totally dig the renovated trailer where you can put your own personal touch on things. It would be awesome to stay in a mid century modern “groovy” Airstream.
    I really hope you list your finished trailer on Airbnb! I live in Seattle, and would 100% book it.

  5. Alicia M

    To have more preparation space, use an electric cooktop. You can buy it for less than 50$ at Ikea and store it on a drawer. We have it for our caravan. You won't be cooking that much on your airstream, and even if you do, it works perfectly fine. Buy a microwave with oven too!

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