MY FIRST TIME SOLO BACKPACKING 2020 – Philippines Travel Vlog

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My first ever solo International travel to the Philippines!!

Since this was such a big milestone for my travels, I had to vlog as much as I could from my time in the Philippines.

I couldn’t believe how amazing this country was. While you will witness some of the most beautiful and exotic paradises of all time, it is the people of the Philippines that make this country so special. I had nothing but positives experiences to share from my time in the Philippines and recommend everyone to experience this country for themselves.

If you enjoy this style of video from me please let me know in the comments! I had a great time making this video and would love to do more like these!

Mad Monkey Hostel Cebu City
Treehouse in Kawasan: Reach out to Al! (And to donate to his school)

Stay n Save Oslob
Happiness Hostel El Nido

MUSIC (in the order it’s displayed):
One Day They’ll Know (Odesza Remix) – Pretty Lights
Follow Your Heart – Sum Wave
Finish – UTAH
Find – Shallou x Kasbo
Sparkles – Daxten
I Just Wanna – Big Wild
The Ocean – COSSY
Oceans – Petit Biscuit

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– Chris Garbo

27 Replies to “MY FIRST TIME SOLO BACKPACKING 2020 – Philippines Travel Vlog”

  1. Storm Cloud

    You conveyed that experience in such a moving way it was easy to feel what you were feeling. My sister and her husband lived in the Philippines for about 5 years and they too said the people made you feel like family very quickly.

  2. Cyber Craymer

    Thanks for your positive comments about the Philippines. I was born there and have not been home since 2007. But I only spent 7 days in Manila so I did not have time to really explore. Hopefully, the next time I go home, I will have the chance to experience what you have experienced.

  3. Nelia Martizano

    You made me teary-eyed Chris at 6AM. I especially love that school visit. I know it meant a lot to the students. Thank u for appreciating my country and the people and for giving us a place in ur heart. Be back again soon coz u still have a lot to see and experience. Power on!!!

  4. KZ

    It's always so surreal to see places I pretty much consider my neighbourhood be featured in videos like this. Also, you got to try local budol and visit a school? Well done! Sick video man!

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