What Flight Attendant Life Is REALLY Like… | 3 Day Trip Vlog

Hi friends! In this video I will be taking you along with me on a 3 day trip visiting my 48th state and showing you what flight attendant life is REALLY like!

The views expressed in this video are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.

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38 Replies to “What Flight Attendant Life Is REALLY Like… | 3 Day Trip Vlog”

  1. Team O’Neil

    I’m so happy you finally got to my beautiful state of Wisconsin!! You were right by the Bucks basketball arena! That area of Milwaukee is one of my favorites in the state! Hope you can come back soon!! 💜

  2. Hagahagahaga

    Seriously considering quitting my job and becoming a flight attendant (I’ve wanted to since I was 7 years old! And grew up in an aviation family so I’m obsessed with planes) I know it’s a tiring job but you make it look so fun and rewarding

  3. John Symons

    Great to see you as always 😊. That German restaurant looked interesting and the food looked so comforting. Did you enjoy it? Wisconsin has some wonderful lakes with unbelievably clear water. I think your hubby would enjoy fishing there. Have a good week. ♥️🛫🙏🏽🌎

  4. TheBadJayne

    Have you ever had a very bad hotel to stay in? Like with bugs or very dirty or something like that? Because the hotel rooms usually look very clean and nice when you show them. Grüße aus Deutschland! 🙂

  5. Erica

    That sunrise reminds me of a sunrise I was able to see from DFW airport sometime in November last year. It was cold (I'm in LA so anything under 55 is cold lol), but it looked amazing!

  6. Dianna Ott

    Awwww.. Welcome to Wisconsin!! I thought I saw you the other day by the boats! I was to shy to come say hi! Hope you enjoyed your stay in our beautiful MKE!

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