POLISH VODKA CHALLENGE | Vodka Tour Warsaw EatPolska | Poland Travel Vlog

A Polish vodka tour in Warsaw with EatPolska lead us to tasting the best vodka brands Poland has, including grass wodka! ⬇ Click ‘Show More’ ⬇

Vodka from Poland has an incredible back story – taking a vodka tour in Warsaw seemed like the best way to taste a lot of Polish vodka and learn more. In Krakow we took the best food tour in town with EatPolska and they invited/challenged us in Warsaw to join their vodka tour as well. If Poland is on your list you really should check them out here, they’ve been amazing:

The best Polish vodka brands, potato, old, new, cocktails and even bison grass vodka! This tour really had it all – definitely the best way to be tasting lots of brands and not feel like you’re taking a risk ordering something random in a bar.

Before we tried any vodka from Poland we were a little hesitant, from our neck of the woods wodka is normally terrible and not used for shooting! Alas, we came around, Eat Polska has convinced us that the vodka in Poland is amazing!

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DJ Grumble – Kravitz Slapped

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50 Replies to “POLISH VODKA CHALLENGE | Vodka Tour Warsaw EatPolska | Poland Travel Vlog”

  1. Rex Waldron

    Like you, I've generally seen vodka as a mixer or cocktail base. This vlog destroys that assumption and makes Polish vodka something to get out there and sample. I did try a vodka flavoured with vanilla once (a friend gave us a bottle) and I really enjoyed that – but I guess that's not the same as trying a pure vodka! Might avoid the one that tastes like tequila – I'm not a fan either!

  2. sarah explorer

    Well done! I was expecting you'd be slurring your words by the end of that video but not even close. I think I would've been a mess

  3. marcin .blee

    I notice that Mariah from Netflix Luke Cage season 2 drinks premium Belverdere polish vodka. Greetings from Poland.

  4. Grey Matters

    I can't find that mix at the very end of the video with the double sample of that famous guitar riff and that 'I got a good feeling' song! What is it exactly cuz typing in "DJ Grumble – Kravitz Slapped" doesn't lead to it.

  5. Konrad Dobrowolski

    Great content! Glad you liked it. I tried convincing Aussies to drink more vodka, but I usually failed 😛 hope Kiwis liked it 🙂
    btw. what's the name of the last bar you went to, the one with the massive bison grass coctail?

  6. Davie Crockett

    You can get Zubwrowka Bison Grass vodka at Dan Murphys here in Australia. Try it with apple juice. Surprisingly good. We'll be there in a few weeks, hopefully we can do this tour. Thanks for doing this one guys.

  7. NiGGaZtcz

    haha, great videos bro 😀 im gonna follow ur channel coz it entertains me a lot 😀 cheers and "na zdrowie!"

  8. Marek Sowiński

    I hoped to see you very drunk at the end of the video just like Antony Bourdain in some of his programs… haha Not able to say anything normal…

  9. Tomasz Gałkowski

    You could actually play a polish noble in a movie, you know? A character like Jan Skrzetuski from With Fire and Sword for example (look it up). You look "Polish" with wódka. 😀

  10. darek4488

    Buy a bottle of Żubrówka, a box of apple juice, mix them and end up with a drink that tastes like an apple pie.

  11. John Norris

    I'm a little curious. About how many ounces of alcohol over how many hours did you guys drink? Geeze, it seemed like about six ounces each over just a few hours? Is that right? That would put me under the table!

  12. Psychphuq

    Wish I'd known about this tour last year when I went to Warsawa…
    I did get to do a food & beer tour which was fun…

  13. Adamos Antonio

    Great, i Just find out about Baczewski vodka ,, nice. Question for you, we are just wondering, where are you from? All the best🍻

  14. Moskszawa2010

    This Vlog makes me loving to go back to Warsaw! I miss it! Polish Wodka is really the greatest! I love it 😉 –

  15. Ania Goszczynski

    Vodka, any kind is the best, One you take the bottle from the Freezer!!! Did you guys eat “Flaki”??? Tripe’s, do not now it’s this is proper translation??!

  16. DrClavel

    I'm glad you enjoyed your tour. Tatar is the best thing ever if prepared properly and with good beef. Hope you liked yours 🙂 also Bison Grass Vodka is the best with apple juice and a tiny bit of cinnamon 😍😍😍

  17. kEhYo

    You do realy have an artsy taste on how the things are put toghether in your vlogs. Love the background music choices! The whole series about Poland makes me want to go places in my own country ones again. Greetings from Słupsk, near the Baltic coast of Poland (30 min to the beach by city bus!)

  18. Karl Hanks

    Polish vodka is great, but you MUST try their bimber. It's homemade booze from potatoes, it goes down so much smoother than vodka but damn, it makes me stupid and aggressive after a bottle or 2

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