The 5 Biggest Purchases I've Made This Year 2020

These are the biggest purchases I planned on making this year, a reflection on how that has changed, what I’ve ACTUALLY purchased- and why!
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#ClearTheList movement information:
*I don’t think theres a way to search if a specific teacher has a list, so if you’d like to specifically help a teacher you know- try emailing there email (you can find on the school website they work at) and ask if they have a list you can help support. If not, let them know about the movement!

The list of the teacher I was helping:

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35 Replies to “The 5 Biggest Purchases I've Made This Year 2020”

  1. DomVHarris

    I appreciate this video.
    Understanding you are privileged is a huge step.
    Using that privilege to help others is AMAZING.
    This video was transparent and honest
    Im also improving my smile. I’ll be getting braces tomorrow. I think I’ll record a video and test out what I’ve learned from you and your work. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to see it, if you do. Let me know how I did.

  2. Grace G

    I had wondered why back then in the first video she had been wearing her ex’s sweatshirt (I think it’s his)?? I was so confused. Thought I was just being crazy. Now after listening to the podcast it makes total sense. 😅😅

  3. Katie Devries

    thank you for being very honest, and very blunt with what you have done. And okay, spending that much on something to better your health. Did you know bad teeth can put your body through a wreck. Infections will ravage your body and your blood stream, and will drain your energy. I had one I didn't know about for months and thats not good. It was so scary.

  4. Eric Smythe

    Good job on the content, great lessons to be learned and considered in this video, good sound thinking on your part Monica. I think this video is helping others…

  5. Jackie Jovel

    Hey Monica, heres a gofundme for an organization that provides aid & snacks,water,etc to people protesting in Orange County CA. I know you used to live down here and I think it would be a cool way to give back. Ive personally seen them when I went to a chalk it out event in HB. They provided me with a bandage for my finger lol and also snacks & water. They had so many things! And I know they were there before the event even started and stayed till it was over. Heres the link for their go fun me here's the website to learn more about them.

  6. Kanti B. Anon DeWar

    It has nothing to do with "buying stuff", but, for what it's worth, you—and your sister—are very, very likeable people,…not to mention level headed and articulate. If everybody in this country were like you and Shelby, we wouldn't have most of the problems that we have. That's it. Stay safe. Cheers.

  7. hea991

    Monica, I can't thank you enough for supporting teachers like that!!! I'd never heard of #CleartheList. I'm a teacher myself, and I don't think many people realize how few resources we actually get. I teach preschool special education and I'm given $150 A YEAR to provide everything I might need for my class (cleaning supplies, snacks for my students, folders, books, art supplies, etc.) and the money barely lasts the first few weeks.

  8. Raymond

    You don't need to explain your spending to the public. you only own it to yourself. if you have the money and invest for your future that's a plus for your life.

  9. Maggie Griffin

    I’m a second year teacher and I love seeing people support other teachers. So thanks, Monica! Even the recognition that teachers need some support makes my heart so happy. 💓

  10. Amara Mast

    Girl, you are not lucky, you worked hard for what you have. Don't let anyone tell you that you dont deserve your success and that you didn't work hard for it. You kicked ass and you're moving on up in the world and I applaud you for that! Keep on keeping on, love your content! ❤

  11. Sarah S

    Thank you for bringing attention to clear the list – as a brand new teacher it is daunting know that it is up to you to make your classroom a classroom. I have already spent so much money on my classroom so that it can be a proper learning environment for my students. I get ~$100 a year to spend on my classroom which does not go very far when trying to create a welcoming environment where students feel safe, comfortable, and ready to learn.
    I have two lists on my amazon account – one for my classroom and one specifically for books for my classroom.
    I am not asking you to clear my list, but if someone is looking for a list to buy an item from I would be so incredibly grateful!
    Thank you,

  12. TheCronedoggy

    I hope you don't get any hate for the veneers. Most people that get braces do so for cosmetic reasons.

    You are a lovely person and if someone tries to deminish that, it says more about them then it does about you.

  13. S Yang

    You should donate to EJI (Equal Justice Initiative). They work to get wrongfully convicted people off of death row. Bryan Stevenson wrote a book called Just Mercy. It got turned into a movie too. You should watch it when you get the chance!

  14. Philip Drew

    Nice vid, teeth look good. Yeah great idea saving up for an investment. I put away 90% of my income last year into shares through I guess sacrificing purchases (although I enjoyed it) and because the shares have done so well I'm looking at building a house like 5 years ahead of where I could have.

  15. SketchLea f

    Including Black Lives Matter, here are three more places you can donate to:
    – The Marshall Project is a publication that focuses on exposing systemic racism in the US criminal justice system
    – The NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund focuses on voting rights, equal access to education, and police reform
    – Any community bail out fund that helps to release protesters in jail fighting for social justice and ending systemic racism

    There are lots more, but those were the top three I recommend. Those scrolling through the comments looking for ways to help, here's a card to get started

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