summer week in my life vlog | beach days, working, book recs

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44 Replies to “summer week in my life vlog | beach days, working, book recs”

  1. Jeannelle _

    Yes being in your 20s is such a roller coaster! We’re all out here trying to figure out what we wanna do, where to go, & it’s just all over, but it’s nice to hear that we’re not alone! Love your vlogs <3

  2. DB

    I have watched your last summer vlog video… I think it was totally fine…. you just went to the beach… it was so ok. If you go to grocery store not wore a mask then it might be disturbing. So, don’t feel too bad about it… Stay chill… God Bless…

  3. Mallory Wilder Honey

    Giving me all the vibez. You feel so grounded and genuine. ALSO I'm turning 30 this year and a part of me misses those mid 20's years because I felt so free to roam and discover. Yes stability in who you are and where you are is always nice and achievable no matter the age but man to be 24 again. It was just straight up fun. EVEN THOUGH I'm excited for my 30's too cause I kinda still feel 20 lol. Stay golden girl <3

  4. Jennifer Zheng

    Above all, I watch your videos for your personality! Can't honestly say that about any other Youtuber but seriously you seem so down to earth and knowledgeable and it seems like it'd be so fun to be friends with you 🙂

  5. Katharine Chapin

    FLETCHER!! I know you said that your romantic relationships were "complicated" a while back and I totally respect that you are choosing to keep that more private- but with that said I love seeing him in these vlogs! Such a sweetie

  6. Daydreamer Wanderer

    Just wanna say thank you for considering the criticism. Often people scoff at criticism or deem it as haters, but the fact that you are willing to acknowledge the concerns and improve from it is really cool.

  7. Taylor V

    Thanks for making that update at the beginning of the video.

    Also, is that someone doing sign language in the zoom book club webinar? That’s awesome!

  8. Lauren Nicole

    I could see you really liking anthropology. It’s the study of different culture and humanity. Took a few anthro courses during undergrad and it opened up my eyes to all the different social justice issues around the globe and how to critically think/evaluate them

  9. TheMVCoho

    No need to wear a mask at the beach. Unless you are hard core breathing on someone, within a 2 feet of their face for 15 plus minutes there is no solid evidence to support the efficacy of a mask in an outdoor setting. Thanks for wanting to be responsible and all.

  10. Amna Subhan

    I'm just a little confused. It seemed like Elena was wearing a mask in public in general, but with friends, it didn't seem like she was socially distancing or wearing a mask. She has posted pictures having dinner with friends and even just today posted pictures today where she was hugging a friend at the beach. Those don't seem like safe practices. I've really come to enjoy Elena and her content, but I don't think she's addressing what people were concerned about. Perhaps someone can enlighten me on this because like I said, I'm confused.

  11. Erica J

    So glad that you are back in California. Truly missed the energy that spouts from you when you are in California. I can truly tell the difference in your happiness to be honest when you are in California!!

  12. Madeline

    Your videos are always filmed like it's the end of an indie coming of age movie and the cast is driving on a deserted road overlooking the ocean during sunset. And the main character is narrating about how everything will be Ok and how everyone has changed over the course of the movie.

  13. Sam maxwell

    growing up you look more beautiful
    –many activities will make you tired
    will also affect beauty so you should choose only important activities or prioritize love u
    from Roosevelt island,manhattan,NY

  14. Colleen Noland

    It's encouraging to see you address concerns from your last video. However, seeing multiple friends in a week seems foolish to me, regardless of current CA law. Many states, including CA, are seeing a huge resurgence of COVID right now and it's disappointing to see selfish actions that don't help flatten the curve.

  15. Linnea Pejcha

    It’s good that you’ve edited your content now to be more aware, but I think it’s also really important to clarify that you actually were not adhering to social distancing measures for San Diego in the previous videos. Going to the beach and hanging out with a few close friends without masks is not quarantine protocol. There’s been a stay at home order in San Diego and most of California since March (that’s still in effect) and that includes not seeing people that live outside of your household unless you’re wearing masks and social distancing. In the previous videos you were hanging out with multiple friends without masks and that’s actually legit breaking the law for your area. It’s good to take responsibility, but please don’t spread false information about your adherence to social distancing protocol because it’s super damaging. If people think that because you’re hanging out with people that means they can then that’s super dangerous and that’s what content creators need to realize about advertising this kind of behavior right now. Please don’t spread false information about San Diego County’s quarantine protocol. I’m not saying this out of hate, but out of genuine concern as somebody who also lives in San Diego and has seen the cases of COVID rising drastically over the last couple months. If this weren’t a matter of life and death then I wouldn’t be commenting, but every single creator’s influence makes a difference right now.

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