MYSTERIOUS MONGOLIA – Eagle Hunters, Nomads, Deserts and Extreme 4WD Travel for Adventurous Tourists


MYSTERIOUS MONGOLIA – Eagle Hunters, Nomads, Deserts and Extreme 4WD Travel for Adventurous Tourists

We experienced Mongolia with Follow The Tracks – the first self-drive 4×4 trip through Mongolia that takes you and your friends to incredible places, away from the tourist spots – instead immersed deeply in the culture of the country.

During the trip we stayed with the local nomad families, the Eagle Hunting families, we experienced the magical Gobi Desert, White Stupa, Flaming Cliffs and stayed with the camel breading Mongolian families.

I tried to learn as much as possible about the culture and way of life. Like a silent observer of another world, an untapped land – a land yet to be overrun by social media influencers and oversaturated generic Instagram posts.

This is a country like no other, not a trip for the faint hearted but those that want to have a trip that changes them from the inside and provides memories for a lifetime.

Thank you to Follow The Tracks for making this happen:


Creators on the trip:
me – @sorelleamore
@lennart (@germanroamers)
@theolator (@germanroamers)

Partners: @cbd_manufaktur @escapetomongolia @petromax.germany (the cooking gear) @ikamper (rooftop tent)

Lots of love to you all 🙂

Thanks for being here on my journey.


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21 Replies to “MYSTERIOUS MONGOLIA – Eagle Hunters, Nomads, Deserts and Extreme 4WD Travel for Adventurous Tourists”

  1. Chapter1

    Thank you… you made me fall in love with my country all over again. I loved the video and cannot wait for the follow up videos. This summer decided to stay in Ulaanbaatar. Now really questioning my decision. I dont usually click on coverages regarding Mongolia because as a Mongolian I end up being offended regardless of the intention of the creator. Your content was pure delight and you are an explorer at heart that you didnt try to put box around the places you visit and cultures you experience. Thank you so much for your open heart 🙂 P.S as a city girl, I understand your dilemma about modern comforts…, and good luck on your offline 8 months, we will miss you ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Stacy DeVera

    This is so lovely. Mongolia has long been on the top of my list of places to visit. I've always found the people, rich culture and remote (peaceful) landscape so beautiful and its geographic placement (between China and Russia) so interesting. Would love to be able to make my way there in the next few years.

  3. Barry

    Hi Sorelle. Beautiful cinematography. I had the pleasure of touring western Mongolia last summer for two weeks. Brings back some very fond memories-especially the long rides and bumpy roads??:))
    Please reconsider your departure from youtube, but I fully understand if your life takes you in a new direction- your content, style and presentation has no peers- always good to leave on top!!

  4. Melissa Jeske

    When were you there? Im could confused by the, “I’m leaving YT” narrative and promoting a paid program, and world traveling during the pandemic, when borders are closed.
    Can you share why you are leaving the platform and selling a course about how to grow on it at two same time?
    No shade, honestly serious because I want nothing to do with social media influence but want to build a business online.

  5. Misty Moss

    So beautiful! Going to be hard to see you go, but thankful for what you have/and are continuing to share with us on your journey for the time being. Can't wait for the next ones! <3

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