20K Q&A — YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED! 20,000 SUBSCRIBERS | Travel Vlog 125, 2018 | Digital Nomad

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We’re Dane & Stacey, full-time travelers, publishers and YouTubers from New Zealand. We share vlogs on countries as we visit for a few days like most travel vloggers, but we’re a little different as well. Slow Travel is what defines us — renting an apartment to spend longer exploring a city, sharing local life and going deeper into cultures and experiences. Ultimately our goal is to create informative, fun and cinematic videos, be sure to subscribe to follow along

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31 Replies to “20K Q&A — YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED! 20,000 SUBSCRIBERS | Travel Vlog 125, 2018 | Digital Nomad”

  1. Susan Travers

    I stumbled across you guys while I was looking at other travel vlogs 🙂 I was trying (and still am) to come up with a short list of possible Asian destinations to visit, with a view to spending 3 months or so in one place each year once we fully retire. We suffer through a cold winter where we live and want to find a warmer place to escape to for those cooler months. Your honest and open style captured me instantly 🙂

  2. Mad English TV

    Thanks for such quality videos! Just wondering how you guys spent so long in Vietnam. Did you do visa runs? You've probably mentioned that in some of your videos somewhere but I couldn't find a dedicated video on that topic. Thanks!

  3. Janet Joy Rubrico

    You guys are too beautiful to watch! I'm loving the cost of living and day in the life videos! So real! And your videos are super clear! thank you for being amazing and for sharing your experience! Thank you for saying you like the Philippines and yes you really have to choose the best cities to get the best wifi connection. I am from the Philippines and I even had to use your Boracay recommendations! Thank you so much for that! I missed you guys in Chiang Mai! And so I am hoping to meet you on the road! Hopefully in South America, if you're planning to go there! Looking forward to future videos traveling with your kiddos! that'll be fun! 😉

  4. Travelling K

    Just came across your channel – hello from New Zealand. Will be watching some of your older videos and quietly follow along your journey 🙂

  5. Hui San

    I watch your videos because I like this guy. Don't get it wrong, I am a straight guy. LoL. But he looks like or resembles a famous American actor. Haha. PS Video editing, music etc are superbs tho

  6. Roloxtv2

    There's something about you two that makes me wanna watch more. I think the opening graphic of each video.

  7. Jamal Stead

    I watch you because Im moving to Chiang Mai to be a digital nomad and Im a Kiwi ….basically I have been waiting for our house to sell for 2 years and been watching every single video I can on Digital nomads and I find you super easy to Watch because Im from Waiheke and you remind of the locals here super down to earth and Warm ….chur!

  8. Hannah Houston

    I only found your channel about a week ago but have been soaking up a ridiculous amount of videos! I watch you because I really enjoy your vlogging style and am genuinely interested in what you guys are doing on your travels. I'm also planning to go remote in the next year with my boyfriend so find your channel pretty applicable haha- will definitely be buying the book!
    As for what I wanna see more of; its just exactly what you've been doing so far! Tips for the places you go to (like where to visit, eat etc.) are really helpful and I actually really enjoy your "day in the life" videos and cost of living stuff! Just everything really 😀

  9. Jamal Stead

    I went to broadcasting school in Auckland and we were taught to keep it “Tight Bright and Real” and when I look at my favourite YouTubers like you and Timothy delaghetto and Casey neistat you guys nail it. When I’m in Chiang Mai I am going to have my own travel blog and there’s heaps I can take away from your vlog style Dane. You know the players club remix you use for the end of your videos and the rest of you music . I use epedemic sound who do you use? Chur!

  10. rene berdan

    I'm an obstetric anesthesiologist. And when I was labor watching, I was browsing You Tube where I happen to stumble upon your VLOG about your travel experiences in my country Philippines. 1 VLOG to another. … not knowing that I was watching you guys the whole afternoon.
    For one thing, it was not boring. The videography and music were superb. Everywhere you go, you made me feel that I was also there! I also enjoy the drone shots.
    Your narration and conversation with Stacey were natural. The content and insights were relevant and full of depth.
    Next time you're here in the Philippines, go to the following places: Sagada (where you will experience sea of clouds at Kiltepan peak), Baguio our summer capital, Batanes (the Ireland of the Philippines..it also has Honesty Store…jail population is zero, and it's a photographers' haven) and Siargao (the 8th Surfing Capital of the World).
    I look forward also for your review on Seoul Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

  11. Chelle Ortiz

    I love watching your videos cause you guys are so cute together, not showing too much lovey dovey but your relationship is soothing just like every video you guys make!!! 😊✋ and coffee lovers ☕ is a plus

  12. John Baumer

    Why do I watch you?
    This is my first week. I will be living permanently in Warsaw.. And I’ve never been to Europe. And Dane’s financial analysis of staying in Krakow for one month, in a air bnb showed me the true cost of living in Poland.

    Thank you, Dane

    Why do I watch?
    You both look awesome in your shades! Lol!😎

  13. Amanda Medina

    I watch your videos because you guys are a cute couple and Danger looks like my ex. Second reason is because layout and content is perfect. You guys cover everything and I like the style and I like your dynamic. You guys don't show off your so chill.

  14. Moniec, Milo & Miles Hayden

    We watch because you guys are a unique couple. We can definitely tell you guys respect each other, body language, and plus your transparent real people. It's like you film a way we can visualize ourselves doing it too. But, mostly it's because of you two together. A love story…. -Moniec

  15. Moniec, Milo & Miles Hayden

    What would we like to see? More, pubs, food in Belgium, France, Ireland, Sweden. How about Dubai??

  16. Brian Little

    Now watched 120+ of your videos & watch just to see the two of you. Best couple on YouTube. Easy going, respectful, great content, keeping it real… I could go on but you get the idea!

  17. K 10012

    Why do you watch our channel? 
    You're authentic, honest, good people, who seem more like my friends, than strangers. Also you both speak normally, rather than shouting. 
    I also have a question, if that's OK; 
    How would you recommend shipping items from the US to Thailand? I donated most of my things but have about 25 boxes that I'd like for my new apt in Chaing Mai.
    Thanks and hope to meet you guys one day!

  18. Gerald Obar

    I am new to this channel and I am enjoying every videos. I watch your videos because I cannot afford to visit other countries like Europe. By watching your videos, I feel, I am already there and hopefully in the future I will get to visit those countries too.

  19. Harry Gold

    Recently discovered your channel and watch because I'm doing research for my next travel and vacations (places to go, where to eat, things to do). Very helpful

  20. Dana Samodra

    I Just discovered your channel somewhere after New Year, when I was looking for some references for where my next trip should be… I watched around 10 videos within 2 days and instantly liked your channel even more now after I saw the one about your *"NOMADS TRAVEL GUIDE"*…

    what I like about your channel :
    1. the information given within the vlog, the content was quite straight on point
    2. the chill vibes — you both are not pretentious and look happy all the time
    3. the footage of the vlogs, especially all of those aerial view
    4. the overall look, simple design, modern typography layout — those were something that really catch my interest/attention to go on the first click

    i think most of the contents already good as they are now, keep all the great qualities so it will attract more interests and hopefully given more new insights/information that rather not as mainstream from the locals…

    all the success for you two…

  21. NYCGirl Rdu

    Would love to see more travel hacks, tips and tools when it comes to flights, accommodations, transportation, etc.

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