Conquering Creativity: 8 Universal Mistakes Every Artist Makes

Conquering Creativity: 8 Universal Mistakes Every Artist Makes

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This video is hopefully going to stop you in your tracks to remind you of some very common artist mistakes that can cause extreme chaos if not dealt with properly.

It’s important to address these mistakes and problems to ensure your life is balanced and your art is sustainable and lasts long term.

I hope you enjoyed this video!

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Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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27 Replies to “Conquering Creativity: 8 Universal Mistakes Every Artist Makes”

  1. MultiMOMs

    But how do you find out what your art is worth?😬 It's not like there is a website where you can look stuff like that up, right?🙈

  2. David Nagy

    i started watching videos at a 1.5x speed to force myself to focus when i'm watching tutorials and ted talks, but here it's hilarious 😀

  3. Michael B. Isbell

    You have such an amazing insight on the creative industry and mental health as a person putting out their passions into the world and I freaking love it. I know you often say you make content for females or at least targeted for them, but damn Sorelle this stuff is the reason people live their lives in depression and anxiety. I love it. I really hope to have you on my podcast or to work with you at some capacity as I continue on my journey. I kind of see you as a female Gary Vee, but his positioning for about a year and a half ago and with more of an empathetic approach.

  4. Life of Progress

    Honeeeey! It's not that it is "so much easier for you" cause you're a pro. It's that you push it trough the obstacles! ;* Just a thought that appeared in my head when you said that professionals also make mistakes. Love the video 🙂

  5. joe

    How do you manage to look so good while travelling at the sametime?I mean wow…please share your workout routine☺

  6. Chelsea

    I'm not an artist, but I still really liked this video. Even though I'm not pursuing art/photography, I think the rules still apply. What I got out of it was to work 100% towards whatever your goals are as much as possible. I think sometimes people waste to much time not doing want they are passionate about. This was really encouraging. Thanks!

  7. bienveqe

    I'm agree with you, everything you said it's true, but always we need someone to help us to open our eyes and mind. To Be grateful = attraction law. Big hugs and thanks for being right here, supporting us.

  8. MyPeaceOfWild

    It’s like you were explaining me in this video 😂 Especially about getting in my own head and making myself stall. Tips well noted, thanks as always Sorellie 😉

  9. Anya Massey

    You are an incredible human, your message and morals – we all appreciate you. All trying artists need to hear this video i actually love you Sorelle please come to the UK you can stay with us :)))

  10. Staria Grubb

    I have been struggling to figure out my next video idea for my channel and you just inspired the crap outta me! Just roll with it!! Thank you

  11. LuciusSikilmituile

    Thank you, I think I'm going to rewatch this video periodically.You put so manny of my issues in a nutshell, it will be a reminder to get out of my little world, and share what I love. Thank you for reminding me of how I really want to be.

  12. TheHelveticanbarbie

    Really needed to hear this! Another great video~ your work is fab and i think you're doing a wonderful job. Truly inspiring to watch🌻

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