Get Un-Ready With Me | how I cleared my skin- before & after!

This routine played a huge part in clearing up my skin! All of these products I’ve used for over a year now. I really hope if you try any of them, they work for you.

Music by MDMN – Mimosas –

Skincare mentioned:
Clinique Take the Day Off-
Dr. Barbara Sturm Foaming Cleanser-
Malin & Goetz Grapefruit Cleanser-
Ole Henriksen Phat Glow Facial-
Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask-
Sanitas Brightening Peeling Pads-
Dr. Jart Ceramidin Liquid Toner-
Curology- for your first month free, just pay $4.95 for s&h.
Joanna Vargas Rescue Serum-
Dr. Jart Ceramidin Moisturizer-
First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream-

This video is sponsored by Curology

20 Replies to “Get Un-Ready With Me | how I cleared my skin- before & after!”

  1. Tess Christine

    Thanks for watching! As shown in the video, I know what it's like to have annoying breakouts and feel your pain if you are struggling with it. I have been doing this nighttime skincare routine for over a year now and wouldn't be mentioning these products if they haven't been consistently working for me. I hope this helps you in some way! Sending love!!

  2. StarBaby910

    my skin was doing fine until quarantine came along but same cystic acne that leaves scars and hyperpigmentation😭I’m currently trying the ordinary’s vitamin c. hoping this helps anyone with the same problem as me good luck guys! skin care is quite a journey to say the least

  3. Abbigail Jackson

    hey babe! so happy this is working for you and your skin is looking AMAZING, so glowy and fresh! just wanted to let you know though since you're are clearly a very concious consumer, the clinique take off the day balm does have plastic in it 🙁 YUP plastic! its called polyetholine and studies havent proven whether or not it is harmful to marine life, but its getting washed down the drain so it likely would be, and regardless who wants to be rubbing plastic all over their skin… haha Hyram on youtube is where I learned this from and he offers a lot of suggestions for alternative balms and oils to use if you're interested! love you, love ur channel, and you're skin is flawless

  4. Olesya Sachenko

    I highly highly recommend you and anyone for that matter to check out Skincare by Hyram, he’s A M A Z I N G and talks a lot about ingredients as well as sustainability in skincare ♥️

  5. Elise Catherine

    I have gotten terrible cystic breakouts over the years too, and I know how annoying it can be! I’m still figuring mine out. Really enjoyed this and will have to try some of these products. 😊✨

  6. Wabstergirl

    Which active ingredients does your Curology cream contain? I know they are individual, but it would be nice to know, as cheaper alternatives may contain the same ingredients + without perfume.

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