LIVING with Locals in Mongolia (Eagle Hunters, Nomads, Cities)

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What a wild adventure our Mongolia trip was in October 2019. In this video I go more in depth about how the locals live – from nomadic families, to eagle hunters, to city dwellers.

My favourite part was meeting the Eagle Hunters.

I’d like to introduce you to Zamanbol, one of the 10 Eagle Huntress’ in Mongolia (there are 350 men with eagles) and she instantly became my absolute girl crush. This sweet 15 year old girl flashed me a smile as she walked past in jeans and a t-shirt when I first met her. A few hours later she appeared out of the Ger (Nomadic dwelling) dressed up with a 6kg (13lbs) eagle on her arm. My heart froze. I had no idea we would be one of the lucky ones to meet an Eagle Huntress.

Zamanbol goes to school in the nearby city during the weekday and on weekends she hangs out with her brothers, cousins, nephews and her eagle.

Legend has it that 800 years ago when this tradition started, a woman was the first to tame and train an eagle to protect her cattle (read my precious post where I’m holding an eagle to find out more of the story).

Overtime this information got lost and increasingly it became a male tradition.

I admire women no matter what we do or don’t do, no questions asked. We are sisters, mothers, bosses, care takers, sensual, strong, vulnerable and everything in between. But when you sprinkle badass dust in the mix, I melt completely.

And more so, I appreciate deeply fellow humans of all genders that can spot a woman powerhouse when they see one. The act of recognition of greatness in another is an important practice.

It was a joy to hold the eagle as well. A once in a lifetime opportunity. And yes…these birds are extremely heavy.

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34 Replies to “LIVING with Locals in Mongolia (Eagle Hunters, Nomads, Cities)”

  1. The Freed Perspective

    My heart is RACING! I can’t say enough about this. It kind of made me emotional actually! Just the beauty of existence. Seriously – I appreciate you showing us the world of Mongolia. I want these experiences with ALL of the humans & lands🗺 TY🥰

  2. Karolina Grygiel

    Wow it's just such a perfect video it blows my mind. You are such a multipassionate multiskilled creator that I can't help being inspired. You lift spirits 🎈 Love you Sorelle, your work is amazing ❤️😊

  3. April Hanes

    Stunning! Makes me want to visit Mongolia. Such a fascinating country/culture. Kind of reminds me of my amazing experience many years ago staying with Berbers in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. They lived very primitively, much like the nomads of Mongolia, but were some of kindest, warmest people I've ever met. Definitely recommend if you're looking for another unique travel experience!

  4. Anjali choudhary Blog

    This video was delightful to watch. I felt quite bad for gots but ya they doing it for survival ( might be It gonna be hard to ). Plus the most amazing part of this episode is about eagle hunters, I think their story is pretty crazy. I love the videography and music of the video.

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