SYRIA | What's It Like to be a Tourist in Damascus in 2019?

My trip to Syria was one of the most eye-opening journeys I’ve ever made. It was tough to reconcile my awareness of the recent tragic conflict in the country, with the beauty and positivity I experienced there… But certainly, the people of Damascus MADE my visit. Thank you to everyone who welcomed me there with open arms.

Please note: this vlog documents my personal trip to Syria, as a tourist. It is not necessarily a travel recommendation, nor a commentary on the political climate, nor an attempt to show the ordinary life of Syrian citizens.

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50 Replies to “SYRIA | What's It Like to be a Tourist in Damascus in 2019?”

  1. Yassine 07

    Much love from Morocco 🇲🇦 Syria has one of the most bieutiful culture and history in the world our hearts were always with Syrians throughout this war I hope that things will back sooner to the normal

  2. Tania Ahmed

    Such a heart warming vlog! Really made me emotional, in sha Allah all my syrian brothers and sisters who are abroad and wish to return home will be able to go back soon. 🥺

  3. Gloria Montclaire

    I wish the media would show more this side of Syria. What a lovely country and its people are so kind. I'm so sorry they are going through this crisis. The smiles and their eagerness to teach you about their culture, it's all very wholehearted <3

  4. Petra Bukina

    I love, I devour every single video made by you. thank you so much. and have to say – I'm practicing my English thanks to you. You have amazing English that inspires me to learn more. thank you and greetings from Prague

  5. Hardik Jain

    It moved me. You are such a fine artist. What a way to describe the pain of it. Much Love Eva. I am a traveller myself but never was able to describe the way you do. I will be a Fan for lifetime.

  6. R Waldburger

    I am half syrian and went last year also for the first time since ten years to Damaskus again. So nice you had the chance to see it, as now the situation is again very bad .

  7. Lynne Lynch

    Eva Zu Beck, hello! Recently new subscriber & follower of u from Dayton Ohio USA! (Home of inventions of flight by the Wright brothers Orville &Wilber, air conditioning, automatic starter on the car, so we don't drive stick shif by Charles Kettering , cash register by Patterson , &much much more!!) I just wondered if u can put a link of Johnnys shop of handmade things in Damascus Syria t? " I'd love to buy something! #Bllessings #StaySafe 😷😷

  8. historicrecord

    Fascinating place but can;t detract from the fact that the country has suffered from a very brutal dictator that has bombed gassed and displaced millions of his own citizens

  9. Iman’s World

    I am an American and I lived and studied in Damascus for 3 years. Long before the genocide took place. My children were able to experience the culture and learn the language. In those days, it was a beautiful city and country. We may never return since many members of our host family were killed or left the country. Going back would just be heartbreaking. For us, it will never be the same. A very sad situation indeed. But thanks for the vid. Glad you go to go safely.

  10. Zarif Mahmud

    I watched both of your Aleppo & Damascus travel videos, differences are certain. I am just shocked by the fact that how a war can devastate a historical city, human life so much. I am feeling so sad right now for Aleppo & Syria in general.😞

    I am a traveler myself, but just a starter till now. Having a weak passport makes traveling tougher. Hoping to visit Syria someday.❤️

    I am from Bangladesh🇧🇩. I love your videos & you are cordially invited to visit us.❤️

  11. Mohamed Taha

    I just discovered your vlog today and i've been warching it now for 5 hrs. It is so good. And your voice is just like listening to an audiobook, so clear and nice

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