How I do my makeup for my everyday travels. My simple, easy everyday makeup routine.

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▬ My Everyday Travel Makeup Routine Products ▬
Origins Zero Oil Cleaner
Lush Enzymion Face Moisturizer
Benefit Pore Professional Primer
Mac Face+ Body Foundation in C2
Mac Peachy Keen Blush
Too Faced Bronzer in Medium Dark
Lancome CILS Booster
Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara
Mac EyeBrow Pencil in Lingering
Anastasia Clear Brow Gel

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Canon 70D Body
Rode VideoMic Pro
Edited: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6


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  1. Katie Flinn

    Hey Nadine! For suncreen I highly suggest World Organic Sunscreen and their face products. They are beautifully made with mostly 70%-95% organic products, they smell amazing and feel amazing on. I cant use any other product on my face at all! They are a bit pricey at first, but after your first $150 you get a lifetime 20% discount of all future product! definitley worth a look 🙂

  2. Mershell

    thank god you are a traveller, so not only canadian people get the chance to see your pretty face in real life 🙂

  3. Greg Rodgers

    My biggest problem is choosing what shade of dark blue t-shirt or possibly a black t-shirt to put on. The other problem is choosing which pair of jeans I will wear from the choice of those on the floor of my room which is based on color or distance of jeans from me.

  4. Meg Igarashi

    I only wear eyeliner but I still really liked this video 😉
    You're so beautiful with and without makeup <3

  5. Mr.pooper

    Nadine I have the biggest crush on you
    your so beautiful and adorable please contact me please

  6. Selam Mussie

    You could have skipped all of the steps before the primer and mascara, and I wouldn't have noticed the difference.

  7. Laurbubble

    I'm copying everything in this video so I can have this look! I NEVER know what I'm doing with makeup, especially when travelling and on the go!

  8. Thomas Anderson

    Single heterosexual guy here: Holy crap, this girl is still REALLY attractive without makeup. Imagine how refreshing it would be to have a pretty face like that to wake up next to in the morning? #keeper

  9. uThought Bubble

    You look prettier without makeup. Your skin looks good and your eyes are beautiful, no need for eye makeup 🙂

  10. uThought Bubble

    You look prettier without makeup. Your skin looks good and your eyes are beautiful, no need for eye makeup 🙂

  11. Tali Grant

    Discovered you from watching High On Life & I absolutely love your videos! Also, are those Mala beads from High On Life on your wrist?

  12. Sandra Farmer

    You might want to consider a Korean Brand called Innisfree. I switched to them when I wanted to go paraben free. They have skincase, body care, makeup and sunscreens.

  13. pramana

    Eco all natural sunscreen is really nice. Benecos and neobeo are two organic brands that come with nice and affordable organic cosmetics.

  14. Hoa Đàm

    OMG that eye lashes >"<

    Anyway, I love your video so much, I will definitely take this as reference when I step into the make-up routine as right now I don't have the habit of wearing make-up, I just do it when going to parties :">

    Again, thank you so much for awesome guiding videos <3

  15. Elias Wagner

    Kimberly Sayer SPF30 Facial Moisturizer is something I love, and it's VEGAN. No white marks and I don't wear makeup but it has great reviews from people who do wear makeup on top of it.

    I don't know why I'm watching this video.

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