Iceland for First-Timers (Top 10 Tips You Need To Know)

Iceland for First-Timers (Top 10 Tips You Need To Know)

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A VERY requested video from my end. In this video on all things Iceland, you’ll learn:

1. Summer vs Winter
2. Prices
3. Accommodation
4. Making Your Money Last Longer
5. Independent vs Organized Travel
6. Packing Appropriately
7. Things to See
8. Really important information on safety around Iceland.
9. Camping
10. Info on Icelandic Water

Hopefully I get to answer as much information for you as possible to help you start planning your trip.

Please in the comments leave me any other questions you might have regarding travel or Iceland. I’ll be happy to make more videos on these topics to help you out 🙂



Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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31 Replies to “Iceland for First-Timers (Top 10 Tips You Need To Know)”

  1. OliH Photography

    A lot of those YouTube videos about Iceland can drive us locals CRAZY!!! …but not this one!
    Thank you Sorelle for this video, no myths or urban legends… just a good video with solid tips on how to travel in Iceland ❤️

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