Airstream Tiny Home Makeover Ep. 3 – 100 Day Update

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In todays video we are giving you a 100 day update on the airstream build. Unfortunately we have run into some bumps along the way and the project is at a little built of a hault. We are trying to do what we can, but morale has gotten pretty low. I meet with Interior Designer Michelle Dirkse to brainstorm the design of the inside, and my dad and I polish some of the outside. After doing a little work, the dream is alive again and we are excited to turn this airstream into a mobile tiny home!

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32 Replies to “Airstream Tiny Home Makeover Ep. 3 – 100 Day Update”

  1. Eating Richly

    Learning to use power tools is SO fun! I got really into woodworking and home renovation once I learned.

    Also, I could probably get you in tough with a welder in Federal Way if you want!

  2. Samantha Beale

    Your channel has brightened up my life more than you can imagine! Your overall presence, vibe, personality, and even something as simple as the cinematography you put into your work (YouTube and instagram is how I connect with you) has seriously influenced me in such a positive way. I always look forward to your videos! Keep being you, Monica! 💕✨🌷☀️ have a safe and lovely weekend!

  3. Ann van de Kew

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  4. Matej Turk

    Interesting. I like the front area idea with the couch and a table. Table should be able to change height. So it lowers just under the couch level. You put a custom pillov on it and bam, another bed.
    Also, honeycomb patern would be nice somewhere.
    Good luck with the project. When you do something on your own, its more satisfying than just paying for it. 👍

  5. realoldgeekster

    I was wondering if you left YouTube. Glad your back on the airstream project. Hey. Think about LED strip lighting and wireless switches to turn on and off stuff. It should be a smart airstream now. Also you might want to think about an external wifi antenna to attach to camp grounds and other places you can get wifi from. Plus an external antenna that may boost you cell signal if your in a remote area with a crummy signal. Plus make your curvy couch into a bed somehow. Watch how others rebuilt their campers. Busses and other RV things. Look at the techniques used by the YouTube channel: Beginning from this Morning. It is a bus conversion but they worked hard on all the research to come up with what they have. Great to see you and your Dad working on it sgain..

  6. realoldgeekster

    Oh one more thing. Consider going with lithium batteries and a good inverter to help with your 120vac or 240vac when you need it and you can't plug in anywhere. Also might want to add some solar panels on the roof to charge your batteries. The bus conversion I told you about did both of these things.

  7. Victor Benner

    Keep up the great work, even if it's a little slow going. And golf is alright but hey,you two live in the Great Pacific Northwest. Get out and do some salmon fishing. Yum, salmon, hmmmm.

  8. CC HVAC

    Just go buy a 120v welder from Home Depot to finish the welding your dad seems more than skilled to finish that up and you have a welder for future projects.

  9. xxcorynaaxx

    I’m starting to see cane a lot more in van builds for things like cabinetry for your exact reasons! It’s lightweight and has that natural inviting feel. Great choice!!!

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