Rock Climber’s Awesome Pop Top Stealth Camper Van Tour – Van Life

Julian bought this super stealthy 1999 Ford E-150 camper van to use for rock climbing trips and as a mobile home and office when he’s doing freelance photography contracts.

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The van has a pop top which is fairly rare on Ford E-150 vans, but it allows him to stand up in the van when he’s parked which is nice for cooking, making the bed, and other chores. Or just to stretch after a long day of editing photos.

The van has a furnace, ice box, water tank, kitchenette and a bed. The front passenger seat swivels to provide extra seating space in the “living room.”

There’s an emergency toilet in the van but no shower. Julian usually showers at climbing gyms and uses public washrooms.

A special thank you to Vancouver’s Hive Climbing Gym for letting us film in your gym on short notice 🙂

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle


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29 Replies to “Rock Climber’s Awesome Pop Top Stealth Camper Van Tour – Van Life”

  1. Charles Williams Jr

    Ha ha, cool, man!! That is comfy van life! Inspiring, too! So where do you usually find freelance photography work? I have shot for a few people needing weddings and headshots. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

  2. H khan

    absolutely fascinating..i wish i could live in a van.i would be much happier than liveing in a 4 bedroom house …the less u hv in life the happier u cn be ..❤️❤️

  3. julsca

    It is really nice to see other people that aren't white doing this. I notice that all i see are just white americans and it is nice to just relate to people from other backgrounds that want to do the same as you.

  4. a3yeung

    There's a Meetup group for Vanlife in Vancouver or something? Would like to know since I'm going to be living in my car and heading to Vancouver.

  5. ruinsane100

    This is probably a stupid question but how do get reliable internet service on the road so you can work? Thanks! 🙂

  6. Brian Winston

    Thanks for the video, great job on van. It is so cool to see someone living and loving life, not just existing. I truly hope all works out for you, you have an excellent attitude and a great start on the rest of your life. Btw, that smile will get you even farther! Good luck and best wishes!

  7. Paul Fletcher

    How is the propane stove for making meals? I am going to be trying one on an upcoming camping trip. Thanks

  8. Jim Guyett

    Great video, seems like everything is working out. I was wondering where did you buy and get the top installed? Thanks, Jim from Canada.

  9. Dave Barry

    Great van. Not sure if I missed it but who did you get your pop top from? I really like that flat look. Thanks

  10. Christopher Whelchel

    What kind of pop-top is this? Looking for on to outfit my e-150 and this one looks low profile. Much appreciated!

  11. Drill Sergeant

    Does anyone know where I can get the hinges that raise the camper pop  top? In the video, they are black in color at the rear of the top lid that raises? Please advise.Nice rig Dude, really!

  12. Roc Diver

    I hear you bro! I say if a person cannot be happy with having minimal property, they may never be happy. That awesome that you found a person to inspire you. You are one of my many who are inspiring me to take the step. Still in the planning stage. RoC On Bro!

  13. Connor Brinkman

    You motovated me to get into the van life and now I really want one I am 12 and I can’t wait tell I do my van

  14. Astro Mann

    He mentions this was bought used, Im guessing with the cabinets and pop top installed? It looks professionally done, any name of the conversion company that did this?

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