My Holiday Travel Vlog | Rosie McClelland

Guys Watch My Holiday Travel Vlog, I’m Going Somewhere Sunny.
Stay Tuned Til The End to See All The Fun I Had At The Pool With Romeo! Love you all x

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Teenage singer, influencer, and Kids Choice Award-winner, Rosie McClelland returns in style with her new single, ‘Tik Tok’. ‘Tik Tok’ is a truly infectious pop smash, proclaiming every essence of the bubble-gum pop genre. The single expresses and embodies the irresistible urge to move your body to the beat, similar to and inspired by Meghan Trainor’s ‘All About That Bass’. ‘Tik Tok’ starts with cool, edgy lyrics in the verses, leading into a powerful, motivating catchy hook at its core, supported by big trumpets and synths.

The ‘Teen Choice Web Star’s two previous singles, ‘Handstand’ and ‘LaLa’, have together earned over 10 million streams and views online. ‘Tik Tok’ is no doubt destined to be another viral sensation, with a fate of huge success on the booming social media platform of the very same name. The song is the perfect track to be creative with on Tik Tok and of course, has it’s very own dance to go with it!

There’s no stopping Rosie McClelland as she makes your body Tik Tok!

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