Pyeong Chang 2018 Winter Olympians VS Everyday Tasks

Watch the female athletes vs everyday tasks:
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John-Henry Krueger – Speed Skating –

Joey Mantia – Speed Skating –

J.R. Celski – Speed Skating –

Justin Olsen – Bobsled –

Carlo Valdes – Bobsled –

Lowell Bailey – Biathlon –

Steven Nyman – Alpine Skiing –

KC Boutiette – Speed Skating –

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41 Replies to “Pyeong Chang 2018 Winter Olympians VS Everyday Tasks”

  1. NotTellingYou !

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  2. Cathal Reilly

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  3. Chandra Exon

    DUUUUDE IM SO JEALOUS!! the Olympics are my life, I literally barely sleep for like 2 weeks while they're on!! ahh you're so lucky omg

  4. The Mind Of Ross

    The background is the perfect color to look awful in fullscreen with flux at the setting I have it on, I'll turn Flux off for you Monica

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