Boracay Island in the Philippines was completely closed to tourists for 6 months. We were some of the first to visit during the 2018 Boracay opening and some serious changes have occurred and it feels like a totally different island. This is the new Boracay. Which island in the Philippines do you think is the next shut down?

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  1. Matilde Magkase

    I am so grateful to my President Duterte for the rehabilitation around the Philippines 🇵🇭. Thankful to God for having a great commander in chief to my country. You will be forever remembered for sure. You are the first time in history makers 🙏👊❤️🇵🇭

  2. bla4enik 1

    Omg im a Filipino and I went to boracay last last year and I had sooo much fun. We stayed in two seasons hotel and at night we always go out and there is like a party thing, and in our hotel there is like a breakfast buffet but for lunch and dinner or snacks we have to pay. We eat snacks while there is like a band and we party, we dance, we eat and we have fun. There are also lights (Party Lights) We watch the sunset and sunrise everytime and it is so beautiful. When we went to Boracay, it seemed clean. We walk barefooted, Buy some shakes and do everything fun. Now it is so boring in Boracay, I miss the old Boracay.😭

  3. I’m Potato

    Guys taga laguna ako… magbabakasyon kami sa dec. sa Philippines, gusto kong pumunta ng bora kaso masyadong malayo at kailangan pang mag airplane.. recommend naman kayo diyan ng magandang beach na malapit sa laguna… yung maayos ayos tapos may mga water sports kagaya ng banana boat, jet ski, diving,surfing…zip line at kung ano ano pa… thank you I really appreciate kung kahit isa ay may mag recommend

  4. J. Tan

    I can't wait to go back! I hope the locals abide by the laws and are punished if they don't follow them. Tourists have also a nig obligation to keep this Island clean I hope Palawan follows with a clean up too many backpackers and careless tourists! Take your trash with you!

  5. Taylor Hansen

    I just purchased your travel guide (which is amazing and super helpful!) but there's no info about the best way to get to Boracay! What would you recommend? We will be taking the Cebu route most likely since we are only there for 9 days total! Thank you!

  6. Leira Villanueva

    I'm from Aklan where Boracay is located, the closure of the island has it's disadvantages especially to locals who lost their jobs and our electricity bills went up. We, the people who lives in the province where it's located suffered for months. I'm not against of our President's decision, it's just that they should've planned everything especially the locals. BUT, the rehabilitation has been very much successful and I hope both locals and tourists will help hand in hand to maintain the New Boracay. Thank you for visiting our country. ❤

  7. Metro Manila Skylines

    Actually, there are thousands of beaches in the Philippines that as beautiful as boracay, they are just waiting to be discover. The Government should do something to decongest the tourist visitors in famous beaches. We must introduce new places & attractions in our country all we need is an accessible roads & transport infrastructures for that places. Do not let the Sardines Stick into a Single can, coz cans can be rusty in the end.

  8. RENE Desequera

    Crazy idea for the Vendors that sells activities..
    How about having an designated area where they can line up like the local tricycles so the tourists will just walk up to them..

  9. Dashin 110

    I remember in 2012, going to Boracay. There was garbage scattered. I don’t know why but I apparently made a mini volcano with a plastic bottle and remembered a group of tourist just looking at me saying “That is nice”.

  10. Jennie Sunflower

    Happy to know tourists can't go just to party and trash the island in a drunken stupor. It's worth it in terms of not destroying the archipelago and not disrespecting the home of the indigenous people. Just saying.

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