Cut My Hair after 4 Years of Growing!

After 4 years of growing my hair, the time has come to cut it off!

If you’re interested in getting straighter teeth, use BYTE!
Here’s the link:

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20 Replies to “Cut My Hair after 4 Years of Growing!”

  1. Cameron Enoch

    Totally thought you were going to get like a fade or something drastic lmao. But bruh you definitely look hella different.

  2. TOD L

    Nice cut Steve! So happy you have donated your hair to a worthy cause. Also, thanks for including us in your Byte journey. It looks like you'll be really happy with the outcome. Thanks for the outstanding production. Stay safe and healthy my friend.

  3. zeev2261

    Making it silky smood ahh !!
    Haha still can’t believe this happend! No more STEVE AOKI look !

    Enjoy e new style brotha looks great 👍🏼

  4. mithaweed

    being a lady of a certain age you are wise to do the liners…now, in your youth…the drifting forward goes on into your golden years. I have some dental issues because of that, perhaps you can avoid those problems. I always thought you had a cute quirky smile, nothing to be unconfident about, but you know how you feel…good luck !

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