HOW TO TRAVEL HONG KONG – Cheap Travel Possible?

If you’re coming to Hong Kong in 2018, you need to watch this travel guide. These are the best things to do in Hong Kong from food, nightlife, viewpoints, and tips on how to keep your travels affordable. Cheap travel won’t be easy but hopefully I can help you keep costs low.

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40 Replies to “HOW TO TRAVEL HONG KONG – Cheap Travel Possible?”

  1. Patat0four

    What a dork.
    1 – Thanks to morons like you who flew their drone eveywhere, now it’s impossible to fly LEGALLY anywhere in the city.
    2 – litteraly every square inche in 50 km radius is covered by public transport and still you spend 19 USD in taxi.
    3 – Dont listen to this guy

  2. Erica Hui

    I actually started watching your videos because of your travel tips for Thailand. I’ve been living in Hong Kong for 7 years now, and was curious to see how you saw my city from your eyes. Absolutely loved this video. Your editing, videography, and tips and tricks are fantastic. Keep it up Christian!! You’re an amazing vlogger!

  3. charleane hunter

    Excellent vlog! I usually skip through but I loved this one – especially the bit where she said the LV was real!! 😂😂😂

  4. Veronica Schleihauf

    you missed a key way to save money! get an octopus card at the airport. then you don't need exact cash for the busses or mtr… so much more convenient and you actually get a discount using the octopus card.

  5. Jerca Razvan Adrian

    Great video indeed . Thumbs up ! It would be cool if one could see the total amount of money spent on the basics at the end of the video . Just so one can make an idea ,before starting to google the places .

  6. Bernardo Hernandez

    I’ve heard from a few that Hong Kong is one of the greatest cities in the world to visit. I’d like to ask, how true is that?

  7. allypang

    Din Tai Fung is Taiwanese Huaiyang cuisine!! I wish you clarified that it is completely different from Hong Kong / Canton style dim sum.

  8. Langa To

    as a Hong Konger, your video really impressed me, great job! hope to see you soon in Hong Kong next time!

  9. ClementineEcho

    This video is def. helping me plan my trip.
    But.. I can't understand why he is staying in these expensive places. I am finding hostels and airbnb's for less than USD 40 a night.

  10. Abde Samad

    every time that bill rings of dollars i get excited because it is the sound of Ebay when you get a sale. Only people who do e-commerce will understand that XD.

  11. Jia Hui Chow

    I was watching for HK tips but got dam I had to pause at the moment Katy was being the most amazing sweetheart, thanks for spreading love, Katy.

  12. Itspetewanlang

    "We actually got this whole place to ourselves" and then appeared 5 other strangers in the background lol

  13. egenesis1

    I think exchanging money at the airport is the biggest scam. Money exchange at Nathan Road/Chungking Mansion is lot cheaper.

  14. Lala Christella

    i wrote this not just because ive been found u. no. i already know u since a long time before but…. please post another video. i love seeing all ur travel vlog!!

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