What is RV LIFE REALLY like? (RV TOUR)

Welcome aboard the motorhome and our home on wheels as we road trip Canada. RV life or Van life, is full and pros and cons and if you are considering it, these are some of the realities you must know! Get started today with Storyblocks:

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50 Replies to “What is RV LIFE REALLY like? (RV TOUR)”

  1. Let'sJustGo.Travel

    Great video! Having spent a lot of our time this summer getting into RV-ing, we found that we were almost always able to get amazing spots because we focused specifically on boondocking. We also have a towable instead of a motorhome, and the RV itself has a lifted suspension so we were able to get into spots and go down forest service roads that motorhomes just can't do normally. This enabled us to always go off the beaten path and have incredible campspots all to ourselves even in midst of the busiest camping season ever in BC and we never stayed in a regular campground or RV park. Having a towable was also great because we got leave our trailer and just take the truck into town for supplies or check emails/work. There's also a lot of cellphone signal booster options out there for RV's that make working on the go easier when you're out in the wildnerness!

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