we broke up (what's next?)

Life is hard but it’s also the most amazing gift and these recent years have been some the best of my life and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. Thank you for all the love and support you have shown us as a couple and as two individuals moving forward.

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38 Replies to “we broke up (what's next?)”

  1. Sujith Ajayan

    I wish you to come to New Zealand as there are no COVID cases anywhere in the country and the spring and summer are on, by the way, Moreover, I would say it’s the most beautiful country in the world. This is the perfect time for the South Island road trip, where the World famous places are situated. 🙂 I wish you to come soon here in Newzealand

  2. Andrea Cardona

    Best wishes with everything Christian! I honestly don't know if you've been to Colombia, nor if you are interested but it has beautiful places to visit and foreigners love it.

  3. Izy Mom

    im old school and found you before you were famous…. circa running on the beach with Wil Dasovich in Boracay…. so i prefer the OG vlog style

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