In this episode of my Italy travel vlog, I’m taking you to Lecce Italy in Puglia to the #1 MOST FAMOUS bakery in Italy, Pasticceria Natale, which is in the heart of the Salento region of Puglia. In the video, I will take you on a NON-STOP eat-a-thon for some of the most traditional and incredible Italian bakery in the world. From Rustico Salentino and gelato to the region’s most famous dessert, the Pasticciotto, you are going to see some of the most unique and beautiful desserts in all of Italy. If you’re looking for THE bakery to visit in Italy, this is it…and bring your appetite! Welcome to Lecce Italy and to Pasticceria Natale.

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45 Replies to “#1 MOST FAMOUS BAKERY IN ITALY | Italy Travel Vlog”

  1. Chris Togni

    Ms. Natale really took good care of you. Good for you for learning the language, for being able to translate much of what she shared, and for being so sweet and appreciative back to her. Bravissimo!

  2. Dan and Abby

    This looks amazing!! We just started a YouTube channel travelling through Europe and are heading to Lecce in a couple of weeks. Will 💯 make sure we come here!!!

  3. Janet Lombardi

    Wish I was there Mark great video. I love Italian cakes you really need to try the ba ba con crema – rum ba ba one of my faves. Really you could put on so much weight the food is so tempting and fresh thanks for sharing.

  4. Aris1956

    11:22. Tell me Mark…. where do you find such a welcome as in this “Pasticceria Natale”, in southern Italy, in another place in the world ?
    I thing that the experience you had in this Pasticceria with that kind lady, you will never forget it in your life !

  5. Yvonne Rahmes

    Before we sit down to plan our European adventure, I am going to go through your videos and list the MUST VISIT gems, like Lecce, Itally in Puglia to meet and treet and this famous bakery Pasticceria Natale. All the people within and outside looked marvelous and happy. Obviously they make and serve the most delicious delicacies! Watching you both, ahhhh my God I felt faint, I could not believe the train of foods she brought to you! Well you both outdid yourselves. Isn't it amazing the people you meet, experiences you will never forget. Thank you for taking us on your travels Mark Felice!

  6. Sandra Dowling

    I didn’t see any of lovely Lenas enthusiastic chat , bit disappointed as you told her it would be translated.. Me thinking you didn’t understand most of what she said either lol. 😘

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