13,000 feet above sea level are a series of islands in Puno Peru. One of these sets of islands are actually man made! This among the best of Peru.

Thank you Intiqa Hotel for hosting us!
And to Peru Rail for getting us from Cusco to Peru (Best way to travel)

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Oct, 2017

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30 Replies to “ISLAND HOPPING IN PUNO PERU – Man Made Islands”

  1. Lost LeBlanc

    I'm back! Internet here in the Philippines has stopped me from uploading for over a week!
    The final video from the Peru series is tomorrow and then we are back to tropical programming 🙂
    Don't miss Machu Picchu:

  2. Train Lord

    I have just watched all your Peru vlogs. Very nice! I travelled through Peru and all of South America in 1989 in a VW campervan. The one thing I notice is the massive increase in tourism and prices. However the beauty of the surroundings remain the same of course. I am currently also doing many videos of my most recent trip to the Philippines as I am now married to a filapina and therefore get to do local things. Please check some out and if you could be interested in doing some collaboration with my channel please give me a hoy as I have followed your channel since you were backpacking in the Philippines with Laura and enjoyed all your videos and have watched you grow. Cheers from Australia.

  3. Lucero Apaza

    omg no puedo creer que hayas estado en puno yo vivo hay! me hubiese encantado conocerte soy su seguidora amo tus videos saludos desde puno peru!

  4. Zul Zyanya YACASI Q

    gran video, yo soy de Puno(PERU). jeejeje saludos a todos…. Puno es hermoso,el lago titica, las islas,etc. Peru tiene muchos lugares hermosos……………..great video¡ 🙂

  5. Good Times

    Something stinks. 450k subscribers and only 36k views after 2 mos? How many of those views even saw the whole video? I call bullshit.

  6. Jocelyn Rubin

    I've always wanted to go to those islands since I first saw them in national geographic. life goals 😍

  7. Karen L

    love this, haha I'm always the Peruvian girl with the Gringo boyfriend on these trips to the motherland 🙂 my country is beautiful

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