How to travel during a pandemic | San Juan, Puerto Rico travel vlog | MUST WATCH

Hey guys! Here is a vlog of our sister trip to Puerto Rico. We wanted to let you guys know that you definitely can still travel during this pandemic and show the precautions that are being enforced to stop the spread of COVID-19. Hope you enjoy our very first travel vlog and don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe!!!

P & Syd

~ Things to know ~

You do not need a passport to travel to the Puerto Rico if you are a U.S citizen. Puerto Rico is U.S Territory.


Water proof phone cases:

Tour guide info:

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Created by : Kano Productions

20 Replies to “How to travel during a pandemic | San Juan, Puerto Rico travel vlog | MUST WATCH”

  1. Jordan Cummings

    yessss such a great and informative travel vlog! Y’all did that, can’t wait to see more from you ladies

  2. Narcisse Fields

    which go pro do you guys have? I am going to Cancun and Tulum next month and want to get a underwater footage! Loved the video and the editing even tho you didnt get to do much! You both are so beautiful, i wish I had a sister lol!

  3. Fashion Finds of All Kinds

    I really enjoyed this! I was thinking about going to Puerto Rico for a shopping haul…after watching, I am going to wait until Covid subsides.

  4. Unsettled Journey

    Wow what an amazing place! What did you like the best while you were there? We like to travel too and invite you to join our journey!

  5. Jenna James

    Great video ladies! My brother is a QUE in pharmacy school, & I think either of y'all would be the perfect wife for my big bro LOL(shameless plug)

  6. Dez Roman

    Nuyorican here. I haven’t been to the island in years. So I love these types of videos. I get to visit vicariously through you. Thank you for taking us along on the ride. I look forward to you two lovely ladies revisiting the island after Covid-19. I’m sure you would have a greater time and we, the viewers can see more of what the beautiful island has to offer.

  7. Yanky S

    😂 I was in the same hotel at the same time I spotted you guys on the rooftop taking pictures interesting I bumped into this video

  8. Kathy Odisse

    Did you guys plan prior of all the activities y’all didn’t before going to PR or did you guys decide to randomly do activities in PR ? I’m asking because Im going next month but I don’t know if I should reserve or call places or idk how it works

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